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Jerry Osborne


DEAR JERRY: Until recently, I always thought that the Beatles' "Michelle" was a popular single. After all, they played it a lot on the radio. I know now it was strictly a track from their "Rubber Soul" album.

I also learned that "Rubber Soul" is very unusual in that it is one of very few of their albums that did not contain any tunes that were also on singles.

One more thing. Inspired by my name, who did hit the singles charts with "Michelle"?
—Michelle Rodgers, Santa Fe, N.M.

DEAR MICHELLE: Most everyone would first associate "Michelle" with the Beatles, rightfully so since they wrote it. Plus, it was one of the most played tracks on the "Rubber Soul" album.

However, the Fab Four did not have a hit with "Michelle" because Capitol did not release it as a single, as you now know.

Meanwhile, four different versions of "Michelle," did appear on one or more of the singles charts.

The top selling "Michelle" single was by David & Jonathon (Capitol 5563), and it climbed to No. 12.

Next best was by Billy Vaughn & His Orchestra that topped out at No. 52 (Dot 16809).

The third version was by Bud Shank, that peaked at No. 65 (World Pacific 77814).

Lastly, the Spokesmen's follow-up to "The Dawn of Correction" was "Michelle," and it charted at No. 106 (Decca 31895).

As for Beatles 26 albums of music, during their years as a group, only two have no tracks that were also pop singles:

1965: "Rubber Soul" (Capitol 2442)
1967: "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" (Capitol 2653)

All of the other 24 LPs contain one or more songs also issued as singles:

1964: "Introducing the Beatles" (Vee-Jay 1062)
1964: "Meet the Beatles" (Capitol 2047)
1964: "The Beatles" (MGM 4215)
1964: "Jolly What! The Beatles & Frank Ifield on Stage" (Vee-Jay 1085)
1964: "The Beatles' Second Album" (Capitol 2080)
1964: "This Is the … The Savage Young Beatles" (Savage 69)
1964: "A Hard Day's Night" (United Artists 3366)
1964: "Something New" (Capitol 2108)
1964: "The Beatles vs The Four Seasons" (Vee-Jay 30)
1964: "Ain't She Sweet" (Atco 169)
1964: "Songs, Pictures and Stories of the Fabulous Beatles" (cover)/"Introducing the Beatles" (label) (Vee-Jay 1092)
1964: "Beatles '65" (Capitol 2228)
1965: "The Early Beatles" (Capitol 2309)
1965: "Beatles VI" (Capitol 2358)
1965 "Help!" (Capitol 2386)
1966: "Yesterday … and Today" (Capitol 2553)
1966: "Revolver" (Capitol 2576)
1966: "The Amazing Beatles" (Clarion 601)
1967: "Magical Mystery Tour" (Capitol 2835
1968: "The Beatles" (Apple 101)
1969 "Yellow Submarine" (Apple 153)
1969: "Abbey Road" (Apple 383)
1970: "Hey Jude" (Apple 385)
1970: "Let It Be" (Apple 34001)

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