Ask “Mr. Music”
Jerry Osborne


DEAR JERRY: Who on the Billboard pop charts holds the record for longest time span between No. 1 hit singles — records only, not compact discs, etc.?

Someone told me it might be the Beach Boys, but can you confirm that?
—Nora DeFore, Amarillo, Texas

DEAR NORA: The Beach Boys are definitely in the conversation, since the time between "Good Vibrations" (December 10, 1966) and "Kokomo" (November 5, 1988) is nearly 22 years — 21 years, and 11 months to be exact.

Moreover, if the question limited the time frame to the vinyl era, for example, the Beach Boys would receive the not-yet-created "longest time span between No. 1 hit singles" award.

Having no such restrictions, the winner in this category is Louis Armstrong. On March 5th, 1932, Armstrong's "All of Me," became his first No. 1 tune.

His next chart-topping single was "Hello, Dolly!," that came along on May 9th, 1964, making for a 32-year and two-month span of No. 1s.

Between those memorable hits, Satchmo charted with 39 other titles, but the closest he came to No. 1 was in 1935 when "I'm in the Mood for Love" peaked at No. 3.

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