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Jerry Osborne


DEAR JERRY: Some friends and I got to talking about records from the vinyl era, and none of us could come up with a hit song beginning with X, other than "Xanadu."
—Jesse Easton, Tulsa, Okla.

DEAR JESSE: "Xanadu," by Olivia Newton-John and the Electric Light Orchestra, is the only charted song from the vinyl era (1949-1989). And that even includes all of the national charts and genres: Pop & Rock; Rhythm & Blues; Country & Western; and Adult Contemporary.

Just for fun, I reviewed hundreds of regional charts, and here are some "X" titles found there. Those holding a chart position are noted, along with their location:

"X + Y = Z" The Threeteens (1959) No. 56 (Nashville)
"X-15 (Theme)" Elliott Evans (1962)
"X-15" Johnny Bond (1960) No. 46 (Los Angeles)
"Xcedrin Headache #69" Mouse and the Boys (1968)
"XIth Commandment" Gap Mangione (1969) No. 27 (Rochester, N.Y.)
"XL5 (Zero G) Don Spencer (1964) No. 39 (Louisville, Ky.)
"Xmas in Mt. Idy" Charlie Weaver (1959)
"Xochimilco (So-chee-meel-co)" Peter Nero (1967)
"X-Offender" Blondie (1976)
"X-Rated Movie" The Commodores (1978)
"X-Ray Eyes" Jim Foster (1986)
"X-Ray Vision" Moon Martin (1982)
"X-Ray Vision" TKA (1988) No. 30 (New York City)
"XYZ" Andy Summers (1987)

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