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Jerry Osborne


DEAR JERRY: Amazon is currently running a TV commercial that has a man singing just a few seconds about "summer days." It sounds somewhat familiar, as though it may have been a popular song long ago.

If it were not so brief, it might trigger a memory of the singer or a title.

I went to Amazon's vast web site, but the closest they have is DVDs of miscellaneous TV commercials of decades ago.

Can you identify this earworm for me? You shouldn't have any difficulty seeing it because it seems to run every day lately.
—Carmen Sullens, Timonium, Md.

DEAR CARMEN: The snippet you hear in Amazon's recent TV spot is from "Happy Summer Days," a Top 25 hit nationally, in 1966, by Ronnie Dove (Diamond 205).

Since Timonium is essentially in Baltimore, and Ronnie Dove was raised in Baltimore, and still lives there, most of his hits would have been played in your area, thus your recollection of hearing "Happy Summer Days" long before 2019.

As an aside, of Ronnie Dove's 22 hits on the Diamond label, only "Happy Summer Days" was issued with a picture sleeve.

DEAR JERRY: For a spell in the mid-1960s, I lived in Georgia. Many of the radio stations in that area played "Agnes English," by John Fred and His Playboy Band.

In the years that followed, I settled down in Tulsa, and was surprised that no one there ever heard of "Agnes English." They only thing they ever knew by John Fred and His Playboy Band was "Judy in Disguise (With Glasses)," a No. 1 smash.

So was Georgia the only state where "Agnes English" became a hit?
—Dennis McFadden, Tulsa, Okla.

DEAR DENNIS: No, "Agnes English" (Paula 273) did make it on the charts in other areas, although it only reached No. 125 on Billboard's Bubbling Under the Hot 100 chart, in the summer of 1967.

Here are some regional charts, and the Top 10 positions held by "Agnes English." All are from the summer of '67:

No. 4 - Augusta, Ga. (WBBQ)
No. 4 - Rocky Mount, N.C (WRMT)
No. 4 - Toronto, Ontario (CHUM)
No. 6 - White Castle, La. (KEVL)
No. 7 - Orlando, Fla. (WLOF)
No. 8 - Louisville, Ky. (WAKY)
No. 8 - Louisville, Ky. (WKLO)
No. 8 - Battle Creek, Mich. (WKFR)

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