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DEAR JERRY: We have been enjoying binge watching "Ozark" on Roku/Netflix, but we need your help regarding one of the songs they played in Season 3, at the end of Episode 7: "In Case of Emergency." As the music began, a brief caption appeared saying "Only You Know - Dion."

We are familiar with Dion. In fact, one of his '60s hits, "Drip Drop" was played in a Season 2 episode of "Ozark." But where did "Only You Know" come from? It wouldn't surprise me that it too would have been a hit record.

Where does one find this wonderful tune? Is it possible that "Only You Know"?
—Clarence Kennedy, Cincinnati

DEAR CLARENCE: I am certainly not the only one who knows, but I am among those who do. "Only You Know" was one of eight tracks on the 1975 "Born To Be With You" LP (Phil Spector International 2307 002).

Not only is this vinyl album on Phil Spector's label, he and the legendary Wrecking Crew produced the session, and Spector wrote several of the songs, some with Dion. As for "Only You Know," that was penned by Philip Spector and Gerry Goffin

If you are wondering if Dion's "Born To Be With You" is the same tune as the Top 5 hit in 1956 by the Chordettes, and revived in 1960 by the Echoes ... it is the same song, though Dion's version is very different.

The Phil Spector International LP was issued only in the UK, and is not found easily in the U.S. Fortunately, a 2010 American CD (Collectables COL CD-1556), with four bonus tracks is far more available.

As a single, "Only You Know" was never on the charts on either side of the pond.

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