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Jerry Osborne


DEAR JERRY: Lee Marvin starred in a 1970s film, "Monte Walsh." The main title was a song by Mama Cass Elliott, titled "Good Times Are Coming."

For decades, I have looked for this recording, but none of the record guidebooks or music shops seem to know of it.

At that time, I had just returned from Viet Nam, and the haunting lyrics of this song perfectly fit my state of mind. Hopefully you can help me find "Good Times Are Coming."
—Tim B., Milwaukee

DEAR TIM: There is good news about "The Good Times Are Coming." You have at least three choices:

1. "Monte Walsh (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)" (Film Score Monthly FSM Vol. 2 - No. 4) (1999)
24-track CD, 10 of which are bonus tracks. Among those are "The Good Times Are Coming (Extended Version,)" and the original single version.

2. 45 rpm single by Mama Cass Elliott (1970): "The Good Times Are Coming," backed with "Welcome to the World" (Dunhill 4253).
Originally issued with a black-and-white picture sleeve.

3. "Mama's Big Ones (Her Greatest Hits)": (Dunhill 50093).
Among the 12 tracks on this 1970 LP is "The Good Times Are Coming."

DEAR JERRY: Long ago in Florida, the Good Humor ice cream company ran TV ads using a song that I remember as being a hit during my childhood. I have asked several people in my age group, but none can recall neither the artist nor a title.

It begins with: "It's (unknown word) time." Then, it continues with a big band style arrangement.
—Ian C. Phillips, Bradenton, Fla.

DEAR IAN: Though I've never seen that commercial, I can still take a crack at the answer. From your description, it sounds like "Twine Time," a Top 15 hit in early 1965 for Alvin Cash & the Crawlers (Mar-V-Lus 6002).

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