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Jerry Osborne


DEAR JERRY: I got caught up in the "Stars On" craze of the mid-'80s, and in that regard, I am wondering if there is any special value attached to a single of "The Sam & Dave Medley," with the Sam & Dave titles listed on the label in the wrong order. Or should I say that if the label is correct, then the songs are pressed on the disc in the wrong order?

Either way, there is a mistake here, and sometimes production errors make for instant collectibles. What say you?
—Audrey Callahan, Chelmsford, Mass.

DEAR AUDREY: Some production bloopers do create instant collectibles, but most do not. There are countless variables affecting what does and does not appeal to collectors; however, one requirement seems to be that the mistake occur on the first pressing rather than on subsequent ones. Therein lies the problem with the example you cite.

First issues of this 1985 disc (21 Records 7-99636) correctly list "The Sam & Dave Medley," with: "You Don't Know What You Mean to Me"; "Soul Sister (You're Brown Sugar)"; "Soul Man"; "Hold On, I'm Coming"; "I Thank You." Incidentally, the artist credit on this one reads: "Stars On 45 Featuring Sam & Dave."

On a later pressing, with credits changed to "Stars On 45 Featuring the New Sam & Dave Revue," the sequence reads: "Introduction"; "You Don't Know What You Mean to Me"; "Soul Man"; "Hold On, I'm Coming"; "Soul Sister (You're Brown Sugar)"; "I Thank You."

If the copies with the mixed-up titles were first pressings, with another run made to correct the mistake, the first discs would perhaps be slightly more valuable. As it is, either version falls into the $3 to $6 range.

There is also a 12-inch single (21 Records DMD-857), also titled "The Sam & Dave Medley" (Long Version, 7:02): with "You Don't Know What You Mean to Me"; "Soul Man"; "Hold On, I'm Coming"; "Soul Sister (You're Brown Sugar)"; and "I Thank You."

The B-side has the same tracks, but with "(Short Version, 3:59)" including the erroneous "Soul Sister (You're Brown Sugar)," that should be "Soul Sister (Brown Sugar)."

Those 12-inch singles seem to be in the $10 to $20 price range.

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