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Jerry Osborne


DEAR JERRY: My given name is Susan, but I have been called all of the possible alternatives (Sue, Susie, etc.).

Thus I would like to build a collection of 45s with Sue-related titles from my high school years (1959-1962).

I already have some of the better known ones, but would appreciate knowing of others from those days.

Also, there is one little mystery about a Chuck Berry song called "Little Suzy," or perhaps "Hello Little Suzy." I know I heard it while in high school but can't find any reference to it anywhere.
—Susan Carter, Panama Beach, Fla.


Since this is your project, you get to set and even bend the rules.

I mention this because the Chuck Berry tune you recall does begin with "Hello little Suzy," a highly appropriate moniker; however, the official title is "Our Little Rendezvous" (Chess 1767).

Regardless, it is a 1960 release that should be right at home in your collection.

You will be amazed at how many there are, but if there are any that I overlooked you can always Sue me.

Records are grouped by year, then alphabetical by first letter of the artist:

1959: Allen Segura with Shorty Fitch and the Rhythm Rockers "My Suzie Q" (Rome 769)
1959: Bay Big Band "Sweet Sue Cha Cha Cha" (Omega Disk 167)
1959: Bill Quad "Oh Susie Darling" (Fling 712)
1959: Bobby Vee and the Shadows "Suzie Baby" (Liberty 55208)
1959: Brothers "Sioux City Sue" (Argo 5329)
1959: Buddy Holly "Peggy Sue Got Married" (Coral 62134)
1959: Del Marino "A Girl Named Sue" (K-Line 111)
1959: Dick Poulton Trio "Susie" (Vin 1016)
1959: Four Labels "Susie" (Gra-Low 5524)
1959: Glen Glenn "Susie Green from Abilene" (Dore 523)
1959: Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians (Featuring Kenny Gardner) "Sweet Sue" (Capitol 4392)
1959: Hazeltones Featuring Tony Nicholas "Suzie Bella" (Realm 61559)
1959: Jay Hayes "Suzy" (Spinning 6006)
1959: Kenny & Corky "Suzy Snowflake" (Big Top 3031)
1959: Lee Cole "Suzy Ann" (Mist 1010)
1959: Merrill Staton Choir "Sweet Sue Cha Cha Cha" (Epic 9305)
1959: Nortones "Susie Jones" (Warner Bros. 5065)
1959: Peter Szabo "Suzie Rock" (Skip 141)
1959: Ritchie Valens "That's My Little Suzie" (Del-Fi 4114)
1959: Tennessee Ernie Ford "Blackeyed Susie" (Capitol 4173)
1959: Troy Cory "Suzie McGregor" (Mercury 71548)
1959: Vic Faraci and His Orchestra "Sweet Sue Cha Cha Cha" (Phonograph 1027)
1960: Ames Brothers "Suzie Wong" (RCA Victor 7801)
1960: Bill Woods "The Story of Susie" (Global 740)
1960: Billy Ray "The Story of Suzie" (Titan 1709)
1960: Bob Grossman "O-Susie" (Eureka 1201)
1960: Bobby Swanson "Tom and Suzie" (Donna 1326)
1960: Cambridge Strings "Love Theme from 'The World of Suzie Wong'" (London 1960)
1960: Crickets "Peggy Sue Got Married" (Coral 62238)
1960: Elton Britt "Sioux City Sue" (ABC-Paramount 10121)
1960: Highlights "Sweet Sue" (Lodestar 7-59)
1960: Joe Reisman and His Orchestra "Love Theme from 'The World of Suzie Wong'" (Roulette 4305)
1960: Joe Turner "Sweet Sue" (Atlantic 2072)
1960: Julian "Sue Saturday" (Avant Garde 61,002)
1960: June Alexander "Sally Sue Brown" (Judd 1020)
1960: Maurice Chevalier "If You Knew Susie" (MGM 12920)
1960: Narvel Felts "Darling Sue" (Pink 706)
1960: Pete Charles "Susan - Susan" (Buzz 107)
1960: Ray Bryant Trio "Little Susie Part 1"/"Little Susie Part 3" (Columbia 41553)
1960: Ray Bryant Trio "Little Susie Part 2"/"Little Susie Part 4" (Signature 12026)
1960: Ron Holden "Susie Jane" (Donna 1324)
1960: Ron Holden and the Thunderbirds "Susie Jane" (Donna 1324)
1960: Ron Williams "Sue Sue Baby" (Ty-Tex 100)
1960: Roy Eldridge "Sweet Sue, Just You" (Verve 10223)
1960: Silly with the Jack Olsen Orchestra & Chorus (Featuring Mae Questel) "Suzie" (Maypole 501)
1960: Tommie Tolleson "A Girl Named Sue" (Kool 1005)
1960: Tommy Dee "The Story of Susie" (Challenge 59087)
1960: Tommy Edwards "Suzie Wong" (MGM 12959)
1960: Warren Covington and the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra "Sweet Sue, Just You" (Decca 31146)
1960: Wild Bill Davis and His Orchestra "Love Theme from 'The World of Suzie Wong' " (Everest 19397)
1961: Bob & Joe "Suzie-Q (I-L-O-V-E-U)" (A 318)
1961: Clarence "Frogman" Henry "Little Suzy" (Argo 5388)
1961: Dave Edwards "Sweet Sue" (Liberty 55351)
1961: Dion "Runaround Sue" (Laurie 3110)
1961: Doug Brown "Swingin' Sue" (Checker 1001)
1961: Earl Sink "Little Susie Parker" (Warner Bros. 5235)
1961: Indigos "Ho-Hum-Deedle-Dum (A Girl Named Sue)" (Image 5001)
1961: Jimmy McCracklin and His Orchestra "Susie and Pat" (Gedinson's 6154)
1961: Joe Melson "Wake Up, Little Susie" (Hickory 1155)
1961: Kenny Karen "Oh, Susie Forgive Me" (a.k.a. "Susie Forgive Me") (Columbia 42264)
1961: Linda Laurie "Stay-at-Home Sue" (Rust 5042)
1961: Monograms "Little Suzie" (Rust 5036)
1961: Mr. P.T. and the Party-Timers "Aunt Susie" (Federal 12418)
1961: Ray and Lamar "Make Up Your Own Mind Suzie" (Capa 103)
1961: Tobin Matthews "Pretty Sue" (USA 715)
1962: A.F.O. Combo "Sweet Sue" (A.F.O. 306)
1962: Arlene Joy "Twistin Suzy Q" (Rendezvous 185)
1962: Billy Nix "Susie and Earl" (Glenn 1802)
1962: Chad Mitchell Trio "Hello Susan Brown" (Kapp 485)
1962: Danny Jordan "Runaround Sue's Getting Married" (United Artists 491)
1962: Don Schroeder with the Milestone Singers "Peggy Sue" (Philips 40067)
1962: Four Preps "Suzy Cocroach" (a.k.a."Suzy Cockroach") (Capitol 4716)
1962: Jimmy McCracklin "Susie and Pat" (Art-Tone 831)
1962: Johnny Rockefeller "Susan's Theme" (Everest 20009)
1962: Kit Fleming "Susie Darlin'" (Twin Hits 2036)
1962: Larry Finnegan "Pretty Suzy Sunshine" (Old Town 1120)
1962: Ray Allen and the Upbeats "Peggy Sue" (Blast 204)
1962: Sharon Lee "Rockin' and Washing Sue" (Jewel 408)
1962: Susan Smith "A Letter from Susan" (Dynamic Sound 502)
1962: Tobin Matthews "Susan" (Columbia 42489)
1962: Tommy Roe "Susie Darlin'" (ABC-Paramount 10362)
1962: Valiants "Susan Come Back" (Fredlo 6208)

IZ ZAT SO? For the years of research requested (1959-1962), it is interesting that all of the top singles companies then are represented, except for Dot and Imperial.

We did find two "Sue" tracks on Dot LPs, both by Lawrence Welk and His Orchestra: "Cathy Sue" (1960) and "Sweet Sue, Just You" (1962).

Imperial reissued Jimmy McCracklin's "Susie and Pat" on his "I Just Gotta Know" LP, but that was not until 1963.

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