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Jerry Osborne


DEAR JERRY: Though a resident of Mount Vernon, in Skagit County, Washington, I have attended a couple of kayak seminars and workshops at Fort Worden State Park, in Port Townsend.

A friend there gave me your e-mail, saying you were behind the song "City of Dreams," that is about Port Townsend, and even mentions Fort Worden.

Since I love that area, I would like to know more about "City of Dreams," especially how it came about.
—Bradley Wolfe, Mt. Vernon, Wash.

DEAR BRADLEY: I have done a bit of kayaking, from Point Hudson and in Port Townsend Bay, so I am familiar with some of the local kayak-related activities.

Here then is the scoop on how "City of Dreams" became the unofficial official song of Port Townsend:

As a 32-year resident of Port Townsend, I knew that our town's nickname has long been "City of Dreams." (For those unfamiliar with the area, we're on the northeast tip of Washington's Olympic Peninsula.)

Not until mid-April of 2016 did it occur to me that "City of Dreams" would be a great song title.

Surprisingly, I found only two songs in the past 100 years with that title, and neither of those had anything to do with Port Townsend, nor did either become at all popular.

Moreover, I could not find any recorded songs specifically about Port Townsend.

Excited by the opportunity to honor this area I love in song, I called Devon Dawson, a supremely talented, Texas-based musician, who also happens to be my sister.

Together, on the phone and via e-mails, we came up the lyrics, and it only took one day for Devon to put our words to music.

Devon then grabbed her guitar and home-recorded a demo version, just so I could get an idea of how the song would be structured. I loved it, and Devon's original demo is even included on the CD album.

A few weeks later, Devon, Jessie Robertson, Kristyn Harris, and Brook Wallace made the studio master.

And that's how we did it in the City of Dreams!

Here are all of the lyrics:

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