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Jerry Osborne


DEAR JERRY: I may hold the record (no pun intended) for going the longest anyone has ever been tortured with a memory of a record, yet just can't identify the darn thing.

Approximately in the mid-1900s, when I first started using the Net, although we called it the World Wide Web in those days.

At that time, I acquired my first earworm. Of special interest was when I discovered radio stations could be heard anywhere on earth where people have online access.

My earworm came from a rock and roll tune from the early '60s, with lyrics where the singer imagined being able to do exactly what decades later would be possible on the Net.

One reference I do recall is listening to dee jay radio shows from around the world.

Even knowledgable record collectors scratch their heads over this topic.

If this rings any kind of a bell, you'd be the first to know it, and I would be very grateful.
—Warren Costanza, San Antonio

DEAR WARREN: Not many singer-songwriters could come up a great record, then lay down such amazing prognostication. One person who could, and did, was Chuck Berry.

The only recording that matches your earworm is "Our Little Rendezvous," and it was issued in 1960, just as you remembered. This single was backed with "Jaguar And Thunderbird" (Chess 1767).

Here are some fancy forecasting in "Our Little Rendezvous," that stayed with you for decades:

Hello little Suzie, hello little Suzie
Can I walk home with, can I walk home with you
See will your mother and your father
Let us have a rendezvous
'Cause I want you to be my, be my little loved one
I will be true to you, to you my love, in every way
In our little rendezvous we'll have
A beautiful wedding day
Then I'll build a spaceship with a heavy payload
We'll go beep beep beep way out in the wide open blue
Where we can love one another
In our little rendezvous
We'll take a basket, a short wave radio
Tune in on the record shows all over the whole wide world
In our little rendezvous there'll be
A happy boy and girl
We'll kiss the moon man, go around the world
We'll send a signal back to mom and dad from me and you
Tell them they'll soon have a grandson
In our little rendezvous
Beep beep beep ... beep beep beep

In addition to the 1960 Chess single, "Our Little Rendezvous" can be found on the 1964 LP "St. Louis To Liverpool" (Chess LP-1488)

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