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Jerry Osborne


DEAR JERRY: I recently heard a record on the radio by a group that sounded like the Tokens. But their tune was all about the Beach Boys, and it mentioned many of their songs.

If not the Tokens, then who made this record, and which Beach Boys' songs are mentioned? I only caught a few of those.
—Belinda Tillman, Grapevine, Texas

DEAR BELINDA: According to the record label, the group, whose Beach Boy style harmonies you heard, is the Sands of Time.

Their only record, at least the only one by the Sands of Time, is "A Tribute to the Beach Boys '76" (Kirschner ZS8 4263). The label on this 1976 single reads "Dedicated To The Beach Boys With Love," along with "Produced by Tokens, Al Steckler and Ron Frangipane."

I find nothing to indicate either of these two men were otherwise involved with the Tokens, although Ron Frangipane was a keyboard player for the Archies.

In the days ahead, I will call Phil Margo, an original Tokens member, to ask if he knows anything about the Sands of Time, or Al and Ron. Whatever he tells me will soon appear here.

UPDATE (7/5/18): Just spoke with Phil Margo, and here's what we now know about the the Sands of Time, and their Beach Boys tribute:

We can now confirm that the Sands of Time were the Tokens. Phil does not recall what Al Steckler's role in this project was, but Ron Frangipane was an instrumentalist on the session.

On the B-side is "Benji's Cincinnati," a 2:38 cacophonous throwaway track that the Tokens had nothing whatsoever to do with. Both sides were recorded in New York.

The original idea was to do a tribute of sorts to Fonzie, Henry Winkler's character on TV's "Happy Days." Apparently, the different parties could not come to terms, and the Tokens recast the project to make it a Beach Boys tribute — a far better choice.

Now for the Beach Boys' song titles referenced in "A Tribute to the Beach Boys '76." Since I found no lyrics anywhere for this tune, I had to resort to listening to the record many times, and though there may be a couple where I couldn't understand what they were saying, nearly all the titles should be here. They are listed in the order heard:

Spirit of America
Surfin' U.S.A.
Shut Down
Catch a Wave
Sunny Californ-i-a (California Saga)
Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!)
Good Vibrations
Help Me Rhonda
You're So Good to Me
I Get Around
Little Honda
Sloop John B
Surfer Girl
Let's Go Away for Awhile
Surf's Up
Cool, Cool Water
Don't Worry Baby
Fun Fun Fun
Tell Us (Me) Why
Wild Honey
Warmth of the Sun
God Only Knows
Little Deuce Coupe
That's Not Me
Dance, Dance, Dance
Sail on Sailor
Kiss Me Baby
Do It Again
And Your Dream Comes True

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