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DEAR JERRY: Around 1972, Jud Strunk's big hit version of "Daisy a Day" came out. However, I recall a local radio station, WEMP (Milwaukee), playing a version by a female singer. I think this lady's name is Diane Hart.

I also remember the dee-jay saying that her recording of "Daisy a Day" was never released to the public because Jud Strunk wanted his version to sell.

What do you know about this? Did the recording by Hart ever come out on records?
—Paul Fogec, Greendale, Wis.

DEAR PAUL: The mystery voice whose recording you heard of "Daisy a Day" is Dian (not Diane) Hart, and it was out on a single (Amaret 146) in early 1973. It made the Top 30 on some regional stations with country formats in the upper Midwest — such as being No. 26 on WIRE 1430 (May 1973), in Indianapolis.

I tend to doubt the accuracy of the story you heard on the radio. As the song's writer, Jud Strunk not only had the first recording out but also stood to benefit from any others made that sold. Writers write in hopes their songs will be recorded by many artists over many years. Then there's that free enterprise thing. There is really nothing he could have done about it.

DEAR JERRY: My late father, Arthur Lee Davis, was once a member of the Tams, a popular R&B singing group in the 1960s. My mother says dad was a member of the group before they became popular.

I understand that Joseph Pope, another Tams member, also passed away.

My reason for writing is to know and possibly locate any remaining members of the group, in hopes thay might have any recordings made during the period when my father sang with them. Any assistance will be appreciated.
—Nicole M. Davis, St. Petersburg, Fla.

DEAR NICOLE: Here are the three Tams members whose deaths have been confirmed:

Horace Key (died 1995)
Joseph Pope (died 1996)
Charles Pope (died 2013)

Having no news to the contrary, we're presuming these members are still with us:
Albert "Little Redd" Cottle
Elton Richardson
Floyd Ashton
Reginald Preston
Robert Arnold
Robert Lee Smith
Ronnie Hat

I have no information as to the location of any of these, but at least you know their names, and if you found one person, they likely would know the whereabouts of the other members.

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