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Jerry Osborne


DEAR JERRY: I remember a song from sometime in the '70s called “Do It to It,” by a group named the Funky Sisters. Since then, no one I talk to remembers such a song.

I heard this tune in Pittsburgh, Pa, and just assumed it was being played everywhere. Living in Florida now, people look at me in a weird way when I mention it.

Do you remember it, or was it just a local or regional thing? It was a pretty funky song for its time, although I may just be remembering it that way. Can you provide any of the release details?

One other thing: I only see your column once a week (St. Petersburg Times). Is it actually published more often nationally, or is it only run once a week?
—Maureen “Dutch” Fingers, Spring Hill, Fla (

DEAR DUTCH: It's not just you and your Funky inquisition. Invaders from Pennsylvania frequently draw a weird look from Floridans.

At any rate, I have never personally heard this song on the radio, though I am aware of it and it is listed in the 1999 edition of our “Official Price Guide to Records.” It came out in 1967, quite a bit earlier than you recall (Aurora 165), and the flip side is “Soul Woman.”

“Do It to It” didn't do it to it far beyond western Pennsylvania. It failed to make any of the national music charts, including the “Bubbling Under” one where tunes that fall short of the Top 100 languish.

As for this feature, you are not missing a thing. It is developed and transmitted on a weekly basis.

DEAR JERRY: There is a line in the Frankie Valli hit, “My Eyes Adored You” that has long been a mystery to me. It is the line that follows these words:

“Carried your books from school, playing make-believe you're married to me

You were fifth grade, I was sixth, when we came to be

Walkin' home every day,” ??

It sure sound to me like he's saying “Oh nirvana could be today,” but that is not likely correct.

Can you solve this one for me?
—Faithful New Era Reader in Lancaster, Pa. (

DEAR Faithful: You need to get to the shore more often. If you head due east, more or less, you'll end up in New Jersey, and eventually at Barnegat Bay. One way to cross the bay is via the Barnegat Bridge. Nearby, too, is the city of Barnegat, New Jersey.

Now, based on this week's geography lesson, we can decipher those lyrics that have you climbing the walls:

“Walkin' home every day over Barnegat Bridge and Bay.”

Worth noting too is that Frankie Valli is a native of the Garden State, having been born in Newark.

Though I will admit, “Oh nirvana could be today” is a line that sounds like it ought to be in a song — perhaps one by Nirvana.

In a not-really-related development, did you know that according to Joint Resolution No. 1 (1983) the Square Dance has been designated as the American Folk Dance of the State of New Jersey?

DEAR JERRY: Thank you for spotlighting Tommy Edwards, one of the great, yet underrated, vocalists.

Like you, we at WGUL (Tampa Bay) agree that Tommy had much more wonderful material, besides “It's All in the Game.” That is why “Tommy Edwards' Greatest Hits” CD has become an integral part of our music library.

The writer who's question you answered (Dottie Van Hoesen) lives in Lakeland, just about 40 miles from us. She may be able to pick up our FM signal (106.3) and he some great Tommy Edwards tunes.
—Stu Hilder, WGUL Radio, Tampa Bay, Fla.

DEAR STU: I appreciate hearing from you and take comfort knowing stations like yours are keeping alive the great recordings of the past.

Hopefully Dottie will dial you in soon.

IZ ZAT SO? In the early years, before success came with the 4 Seasons and “Sherry” (1962), an assortment of record labels issued tracks by Frankie Valli — though they rarely agreed on how to credit him.

Between 1953 and 1959, he may be shown on labels as: Frankie Valle; Frankie Vally; Frankie Valley; as well as Frankie Valli.

Then again, the 4 Seasons are often billed as the Four Seasons, though they preferred using the numeral.

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