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Jerry Osborne


DEAR JERRY: While playing one of Adele's albums, I got to wondering about some other singers who use only a one word name, professionally.

Can you come up with some other famous singers who are known by just one word?
—Vaughn Franklin,Beaumont, Texas

DEAR VAUGHN: What you are asking about are men and women who have chosen to record and perform mononymously (no surname).

Here are a batch of mononyms, alphabetically with one of their better known recordings, and its year of release:

Adele "Someone Like You" 2011
Annette "Tall Paul" 1959
Ann-Margret "I Just Don't Understand" 1961
Beyonce "Irreplaceable" 2006
Bono "Stranded (Haiti Amour)" 2010
Brandy "The Boy Is Mine" 1998
Charlene "I've Never Been to Me" 1982
Charo "Dance a Little Bit Closer" 1978
Cher "All I Really Want to Do" 1965
Ciara "Goodies" 2004
Cookie "That's What You Do to Me" 1958
Cookie "Raindrops" 1966
Cynthia "Break Up to Make Up" 1991
Dante "My Aching Heart" 1960
Dante "My Lament" 1960
Dante' "How Much I Care" 1960
Dante (of the Evergreens) "Miss America" 1962
Derek "Cinnamon" 1968
Desda "Splish Splash Twist" 1962
Dion "Donna the Prima Donna" 1963
Donovan "Lalena" 1968
Eminem "Lose Yourself" 2002
Eve "Let Me Blow Your Mind" 2001
Fabian "Tiger" 1959
Fergie "London Bridge" 2006
Gigi "Peace for Christmas" 1962
Gigi "Don't Be a Loser, Baby" 1966
Halsey "Without Me" 2018
Hawk (Jerry Lee Lewis) "I Get the Blues When It Rains" 1960
Harvey (of the Moonglows) "Any Way You Wanta" 1963
Henrietta "It Might As Well Be Me" 1963
Hoodoo "Hoodoo the Voodoo" 1959
Jefferson "Baby Take Me in Your Arms" 1970
Joe "Stutter" 2001
Keith "98.6" 1966
Kokomo "Asia Minor" 1961
Leadbelly "(Goodnight) Irene" 1948
Liberace "12th Street Rag" 1954
Lobo "I'd Love You to Want Me" 1972
Lolita "Sailor (Your Home Is the Sea)" 1960
Lulu "Oh Me Oh My (I'm a Fool for You Baby)" 1970
Madonna "Take a Bow" 1994
Melanie Brand New Key 1971
Odetta "Clown Town" 1966
Paul (of Paul & Paula) "It's All Over, Paula" 1964
Pink "So What" 2008
Prince "Delirious" 1983
Rihanna "We Found Love" 2011
Rodriguez "Sugar Man" 1977
Rosie (of the Originals) "Lonely Blue Nights" 1961
Shakira "Hips Don't Lie" 2006
Skip "Searching for Linda" 1960
Sonny "Laugh at Me" 1965
Sting "If You Love Somebody Set Them Free" 1985
Sunny "Doctor's Orders" 1974
Sybil "Don't Make Me Over" 1989
Sylvester "Dance (Disco Heat)" 1978
Sylvia "Pillow Talk" 1973
Sylvia "Nobody" 1982
Usher "Yeah" 2004
Venus "Walkin' and Talkin'" 1961
Veronica (of the Ronettes) "So Young" 1964
Veronica "No One But You" 1997
Wynonna "To Be Loved By You" 1996

Additions to this list are welcome, and will be added regularly.

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