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Jerry Osborne


DEAR JERRY: I read a magazine article recently about a trio of middle-aged women who have become hot blues singers, recording as Saphire & the Blues Women. They sounded interesting and I would like to hear them.

I checked a couple of local music stores but they only carry the top-selling stuff and have never heard of Saphire & Co.

My wife says you solve problems like this all the time, so I'm calling on you for help. Tell me more about this trio and where can I buy some of their music?
—Harold Ryan, West Haven, Conn.

DEAR HAROLD: First let's get their name straight; unusual as it seems it's Saffire-the Uppity Blues Women. They are an integrated trio consisting of Gaye Adegbalola, Ann Rabson, and Andra Faye McIntosh. Since their record debut in 1990, they have become one of the world's top acoustic blues groups.

Each of the ladies is an accomplished musician and they also write much of their own music. Many of their tunes are laced with tales of the pains and pleasures of life in general, as well as of their mid-life libidinous adventures. Great stuff!

As of this writing, Saffire-the Uppity Blues Women have eight CD albums to their credit, all on the Alligator label:

1990: Saffire-the Uppity Blues Women (ALCD-4780)
1991: Hot Flash (ALCD-4796)
1992: BroadCasting (ALCD-4811)
1994: Old, New, Borrowed & Blue (ALCD-4826)
1996: Cleaning House (ALCD-4840
1998: Live & Uppity (ALCD-4856)
2001: Ain't Gonna Hush! (ALCD-4880)
2009: Havin' The Last Word (ALCD-4927)

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