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In 1988, we first published "Elvis: Like Any Other Soldier." There, for the first time ever, Elvis fans enjoyed the text and many exclusive photos in an exact reprint of Elvis' original basic training class yearbook: "2nd Armored Division, Fort Hood, Texas 2nd Medium Tank Battalion." A soldier's souvenir of time spent at Fort Hood, this very rare publication is quite similar to a high school yearbook.

The total print run 20 years ago sold out quickly, but to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Elvis' army years (1957-'60) we published a completely new book in 2010 using the same title. It is definitely NOT A REPRINT of that book, though every Elvis photo or reference to him in the original Fort Hood yearbook is included in our 50th Anniversary edition ... and SO MUCH MORE!

The total print run of the commemorative 50th anniversary edition is just 2,000 books. This edition will not be reprinted! Order yours soon, because when they're gone they will only be available via the collectibles marketplace, for more than the cover price.

"Elvis: Like Any Other Soldier" is a fascinating, accurate text and pictorial history. It is the definitive chronicle of Elvis' army experience.

Features over 1,500 fascinating photos, about 1,300 of which picture Elvis. Many, many of these are previously unpublished! We can absolutely guarantee NO ONE can say they've seen these new photos before. This book probably contains more never-before-seen Elvis photos from 1957-'60 than any previous publication. In addition to the 400 black-and-white pages, we have 104 full pages in gorgeous color. And wait till you see the amazing shot that graces our back cover!

Our amazing research department has tracked down as many living members as possible from Fort Hood as well as Elvis' Scout Platoon, in Germany, and most of these men have shared stories and never-before-seen photos with us for use in "Elvis: Like Any Other Soldier." We have also worked closely with key individuals in Germany who were personally involved with Elvis when he was there.

Besides the truly amazing photos, we included 40 pages of text, transcripts, interviews, letters, telegrams, and other authentic pieces of correspondence from Elvis, between March 24, 1958 and April 1960 (excerpted from "Elvis: Word for Word" plus some newly-discovered items). To cap things off there is even an army-related music and memorabilia section.

"Elvis: Like Any Other Soldier" is a deluxe edition and is huge: 504 pages, all on glossy (100g) coated stock and with a beautiful hard cover with matching dust jacket. Shipping weight of one book is five pounds (2.3kg).

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ISBN-13: 9780932117540

Take it from the famous G.I. — click here and listen to Elvis himself!


I didn't think Jerry Osborne's "Elvis: Word for Word" could be equaled, but "Like Any Other Soldier" now takes its place among the truly essential Presley books, an elite club with very few members.

With countless photos I never knew existed, I got a thorough, chronological education in what army life was like for Elvis on a day-to-day basis.

Key to the in-depth research was the authors’ mission to contact as many of the soldiers they could find who worked with, lived with, ate with, traveled with, played with, stood in line with, and even sang with a good soldier known as number U.S. 533 107 61. Astonishingly, they reached over 40 of these individuals — some still in Germany — and their stories and photos are finally shared with Elvis fans all over the world.

I am pleased to say "Elvis: Like Any Other Soldier" has joined "Elvis: Word for Word," both permanently on display in our den.
—Deana Martin

I just got the preview copy of "Elvis: Like Any Other Soldier." Holy hell, it's incredible! I'm mezmerized! This is an incredible book. Great research and fantastic photos! Four stars!
—Steven B. Roberts

P.S.: The above comment was based only on a preview copy. Please click here to read my full review, written after reading the complete book.

Unlike many other army releases, "Elvis: Like Any Other Soldier" is not only about Elvis in Germany, but covers his entire army period.

You will find many rare private candids from soldiers who actually served with Elvis, who also share many first-hand stories.

One highlight of the book is a recently found box of color photos from Grafenwhör. Though not best quality, color candids are a true rarity! You will even find photos of Elvis in Weiden (which is only 15 miles from the Czech Republic), which puts an end to the discussion of if and when Elvis visited Weiden. But there are so many more photos and stories to enjoy.

"Elvis: Like Any Other Soldier" is highly recommended, and simply the best publication about Elvis army days so far.
—E-Cat Spearhead Collection

Click here to read the full review.

I have a file filled with information and reviews on hundreds of books written about Elvis. There are only a few generally considered cream of the crop, but "Elvis: Like Any Other Soldier" is absolutely one of them. Osborne Enterprises has done it again. What an outstanding book.

I also loved co-author Barbara Hahn's account of all the research and how things came together. That was an interesting and satisfying project that no one else would have even attempted.

With over 500 pages and 1,300 photos of Elvis, you will never find a more complete history of Elvis Presley’s army experience. Even if you don’t like to read, you can spend hours just going through the photos. The bonus material is also a huge plus. I like everything about this book.
—Phil Arnold

There are countless books about Elvis Presley, but few give even a chapter to his army years.

Now, "Elvis: Like Any Other Soldier" is the definitive book that covers it all, from basic training at Fort Hood, to his Scout Platoon in Germany.

Over 1,500 pictures, many never before seen or published, 504 glossy pages, personal letters, documents, and a chronological history make this the definitive look at his army experience.

Nearly three years of extensive research and documentation give us a "you are there" look through the eyes of his army buddies who were there with him. Personal interviews with nearly 40 of the surviving soldiers and countless others who got a rare chance to see Elvis up close, and away from the spotlight.

Their personal pictures and stories are fascinating, and tell of a man who was there to serve his country and be like everyone else.

Sp4 Connie Ewka summed it up by saying, "Whether in the barracks, out in the field, or at a party, he was always just like another one of the guys"

Here's a big salute to co-authors Jerry Osborne and Barbara Hahn ... "Elvis: Like Any Other Soldier" is a winner!
—Alex Ward
Keep Rockin' Magazine
Alex also hosts "Pink & Black Days" on Sirius/XM satellite radio

"Elvis: Like Any Other Soldier" is easily the best army years publication ever. I recommend it to my listeners who either want to know more about that phase of Elvis' life, or about the army circa 1959-'60 in general.
—Ronnie Kaye
WKY Radio, Oklahoma City

One page into "Elvis: Like Any Other Soldier" and I was hooked. It was easy, my being a lifelong Elvis fan who enjoys his music now more than ever. Jerry Osborne and Barbara Hahn have done a great service to the reading public. And speaking of service, I followed Elvis to Germany, where I was stationed for two years in Wiesbaden in the '60s. We lip-synced his songs in the barracks long before karaoke was a popular pasttime. My only regret is I never did get to meet Presley, but having "Elvis: Like Any Other Soldier" makes me feel like I did.
—T.C. Robinson
Sgt 1st Class, USAF
Associate Publisher, Robinson Newspapers

I'll be brief: This is by far the best Elvis book I've ever seen!
—Harvey Rhodes
Son of Carlton Rhodes, who drove Elvis from Memphis to Fort Chaffee (Arkansas) in 1958

Thanks for such a great book. You both are to be highly congratulated! All my friends love the book too. Also, I want you to know how proud I am to be included in "Elvis: Like Any Other Soldier."
—Albert J. Flogge
Served with Elvis at Fort Hood

From the time I got it home, I have been absorbed in "Elvis: Like Any Other Soldier." What a great job you have done!
—Seth Poppel
Yearbok Library, Seattle

"Elvis Like Any Other Soldier" is the answer for all [Elvis] researchers. Never saw many of those photos and love the handwritten letters Elvis wrote. Nice job, as always.
—Howard F. Banney
Author of "Return to Sender"

The aim of this volume, as its title makes clear, is to illustrate that US 53310761 was exactly like any other soldier. It does this by presenting pictures of Elvis participating in maneuvers, digging ditches, driving military vehicles, doing KP, and basically following any order he was given whilst based in Arkansas, Texas and Germany.

The photographs are nicely complimented by the personal accounts — like many of the images, most of these appear in print for the first time — of any number of soldiers who either worked alongside Elvis in the 2nd and 3rd Armored Divisions or who otherwise came into contact with him during his time in service.

The overwhelming impression they give is that Elvis was a good soldier and a decent down-to-earth guy.

However, it is equally true that Presley was unlike other servicemen, who were not recognized, photographed and pestered for autographs wherever they went, and many of the images in the book show this other side of his life in the army.

Considerable space is also given to pictures of the King making the most of any spare time, whether enjoying the hospitality of the Fadals, tickling the ivories aboard the USS Randall, playing sports and snowballing, or visiting places like Munich and Paris.
—Paul Richardson
Elvis – The Man and His Music

We are thrilled to have bought "Elvis Like Any Other Soldier." It is wonderful to see so many previously unpublished pictures, and to read new information on the wonderful person that Elvis was. You keep the memories alive for all of us.
—Paul & Ginger Jacobson

Everyone I gave a copy of "Elvis Like Any Other Soldier" to just LOVES it! They cannot believe my late husband, Richard Rehm, has his own page, and is mentioned on several others.
—Mary Ann Rehm

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