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"SS" = STILL SEALED: Plastic bag or shrink wrap has never been opened. Presumed to be factory fresh.

"M" = MINT: A mint item must be absolutely perfect. Nothing less can be honestly described as mint. To allow for tiny blemishes, the highest grade used by many is "NM," or near-mint.

"VG" = VERY GOOD: Records in very good condition should have a minimum of visual or audible imperfections, which should not detract much from your enjoyment of owning them. This grade is halfway between good and near-mint.

"G" = GOOD: Good condition shows definite signs of wear and tear, probably evidencing that no protective care was given the item. Records in good condition should still play all the way through without skipping. Other than for extremely rare items, we discourage listing "G" records here.

Grading should be shown as "cover / disc." ("VG / NM" indicates a "very good" cover with a "near-mint" disc.) A plus ("+") or minus ("-") sign indicates an increase or decrease of the grade.

Other abbreviations used on this page:
BWL: = (Black With Line) Black RCA Victor label with horizontal silver line and dog logo on top.
BNL: = (Black No Line) Black RCA Victor label, no horizontal silver line and dog logo on top.
DOT: = (Dog on Top) Black RCA Victor label, dog logo on top. (No silver line.)
DOS: = (Dog on Side) Black RCA Victor label, dog logo on side. (No silver line.)
PS: = Picture sleeve.

Get one of the most important Elvis books ever!


“Always on My Mind” (RCA 14090). With PS. Both NM. $20.

"An American Trilogy/The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" (RCA 0672) 1972 recording. G or better condition. No cover or sleeve. $20.

“Are You Lonesome To-night” (RCA 7810) DOT. With PS. Both VG+. $30.

“Are You Sincere” (RCA 11533). With PS. Both NM. $20.

“Are You Sincere” (RCA 11533) Promo. With PS. Both NM. $30.

“Baby, Let's Play House” (RCA 13875). Gold vinyl, signed by producer, Joan Deary. Promo only, with PS. Both NM. $250.

“Blue Christmas” (RCA 0647) '77 issue. With PS. Both NM. $20.

Blue Suede Shoes/Tutti Frutti (RCA 6636) Very Good+ $50.

“Burning Love” (RCA 0769). With PS. Both NM. $20.

“Can't Help Falling in Love” (RCA 37-7968). Compact 33 Single. $8,000.

“Danny” (RCA 001) U.K. Promo only. NM. $95.

“Elvis Medley” (RCA 13351). With PS. Both NM. $20.

“Elvis Medley” (RCA 13351). Gold vinyl. Promo only. NM. $300.

Elvis Presley Record Albums! From last album ever made to last concert he ever did. Blue record to golden record, even with face on it. Over 40 LPs for sale, dating from 1956 to 1983. Excellent condition. Please contact at 641-446-6671.

Elvis Records for Sale: 1). “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You” / “Mean Woman Blues” (RCA 47-7066) Canadian only issue. VVG $100. 2). “Strictly Elvis” EPA-994 NM. $75. 3). “Old Shep” CR-15. NM. Open to offers over $350. Lots of other artist singles. 15,000 in stock. Call (905) 945-3716. No e-mail. Box 426, Grimsby, ON, Canada L3M 4H8.

“Guitar Man” (RCA 12158). With PS. Both NM. $20.

"Guitar Man" Red Vinyl 45 promo/RCA JH-12158 VG10 / NM. one side is mono the other is stereo. $150.00

“Heartbreak Hotel” (RCA 8760). White label promo. With promo only "Butch W." PS. Both NM. $125.

“His Latest Flame” (RCA 37-7908). Compact 33 Single. $8,000.

“I Got a Feelin' in My Body” (RCA 11679). Has wrong credits. With PS. Both NM. $30.

“I Got a Feelin' in My Body” (RCA 11679). Promo. With PS. Both NM. $30.

“I Was the One” (RCA LEP-0517). 12" promo only. NM. $125.

“I'm Yours” (RCA 8657). Promo. VG-. $40.

“It Won't Seem Like Christmas” (RCA 9464) U.K. 12" single. With special cover. NM. $25.

“It's Only Love” (RCA 4) U.K. With PS. Both NM. $25.

“It's Only Love (Long Version)” (RCA T-4) U.K. 12" single. NM. $35.

“Little Darlin'/I'm Movin' On” (RCA 50476) Canadian. Gold vinyl. With PS. Both NM. $40.

“Love Me Tender” (RCA 6643). BWL. VG. With NM pink PS. $50.

“My Way” (RCA 11165). With PS. Both NM. $20.

“My Way” (RCA 11212) Canadian. Red vinyl. With hard (EP-like) cover. Both NM. $25.

“Mystery Train” (RCA 6357). "Prevue" promo. VG-. $150.

“One Broken Heart for Sale” (RCA 8134). With PS. Both VG+. $30.

“One Broken Heart for Sale” RCA 8134 (in picture sleeve) M/M $50.00

One Night/I Got Stung. Elvis 45 (1958) with picture sleeve. Excellent condition. $40.00.

“Paralyzed” (RCA 13547). Blue vinyl. Promo only. With PS. Both NM. $135.

“Separate Ways” (RCA 0815). Promo. With PS. VG+/NM. $40.

Sixteen Elvis 78s! Many never pressed on 78 in the US, therefore extremely rare, such as "His Latest Flame," "A Mess of Blues," and "Wild in the Country." Almost all are South African Pressings. Condition G to VG+, RCA, all with generic RCA sleeves. Email for full list. Nashville area, $2,500 plus shipping. thegreaves@earthlink.net

“Surrender” (RCA 37-7850 Compact 33). With PS. VG / G (woc, wol). Make offer.

“Swing Down Sweet Chariot” (RCA 0652). Promo. NM. $95.

“That's All Right”/“Blue Moon of Kentucky.” Elvis 1954 Sun (#209) 45 rpm. G+ to VG, or 6 on 10 scale. Send offers to Dick at DickJan101158@aol.com.

Elvis Presley First original record with sun # 209 That's All Right with Scotty & Bill from Memphis 1954. Reverse side Blue Moon of Kentucky also with Scotty & Bill. Original owner. Record 51 years old. Some very minor blemishes from time. Played 3 or 4 times considered near mint. Envelope has on right hand corner an old sticker. Have hundreds more to sell, I am starting to sell off the collection. Price $2200. US plus shipping costs $18.

“Too Much” (RCA 11679). BWL. With PS. Both VG. $60.

“T-r-o-u-b-l-e” (RCA 10278). With PS. Both NM. $20.

“Unchained Melody” (RCA 11212). With PS. Both NM. $20.

“Unchained Melody” (RCA 11212) Canadian. White vinyl. With hard (EP-like) cover. Both NM. $25.

“Until It's Time for You to Go” (RCA 0619). Promo. With PS. Both NM. $40.

“Way Down” (RCA 10998). With PS. Both NM. $20.

“Wear My Ring Around Your Neck” (RCA 10998). Gold vinyl. Promo only. With PS. Both NM. $325.

“Where Did They Go Lord” (RCA 9980). With PS. Both VG+. $20.


“Any Way You Want Me” (RCA EPA-965) BNL. G / G. $25.

“Elvis, Vol. 1” (RCA EPA-993). VG / VG. $90.

“Elvis, Vol. 2” (RCA EPA-993) BNL. VG+ / VG+. $90.

“Elvis Presley” EPB-1254 Two records, eight songs, good condition, original sleeve, $350.00.

“Elvis Presley” (RCA 747) Black Label, Song Title Strip Across Top. “Blue Suede Shoes”/“Tutti Fruitti,” etc . . . G / VG. $175

Elvis By Request (RCA Victor LPC128) Compact Double 33 Very Good + Some wear on label $75.

Elvis Presley. 45 EPA-747, Black label, dog on top. Has EP title strip across the top of front cover. Tracks are: Blue Suede Shoes; Tutti Frutti; I Gota A Woman; Just Because. No pits, dish or warps, this record is in mint condition. Sounds Great! $115.00

Elvis Presley. 45 EPA-830, Black label, dog on top. Has EP title strip across the top of front cover. Tracks are: Shake Rattle and Roll; I love You Because; Blue Moon; Lawdy, Miss Clawdy. No pits, dish or warps, this record is in mint condition. Sounds Great! $115.00.

Elvis Sings Christmas Songs. 45 EPA-4108, Black label, dog on top. Has EP title strip across the top of front cover. Tracks are: Santa bring My Baby Back; Santa Claus is Back in town; Blue Christmas; I'll be home for Christmas. No pits, dish or warps, this record is in mint condition. Sounds Great! $85.00.

“Follow That Dream” (RCA EPA-4368) DOT. VG+ / VG+. $80.

“Heartbreak Hotel” (RCA 9464) U.K. Three-tracks. Issued in paper sleeve instead of cover. NM. $15.

“Jailhouse Rock” (RCA EPA-4114) BNL. VG+ / VG. $80.

“Kid Galahad” (RCA EPA-4371) DOS. VG+ / NM. $75.

Kid Galahad (RCA Victor E. P.45-4371) label shows some wear, no skips very good+ $60

“Kid Galahad” (RCA EPA-4371) DOS. VG / VG+. $50.

“King Creole” (RCA EPA-4319) BNL. NM / VG+. $75.

Elvis Presley EPs with Covers: EPA-821; 830; 992; 993; 2-1515; 4108; 4114; 4319; 4321; 4387; 5088GSS; 5101GSS; 5120GSS; 5121GSS. Most G/G-VG. $40 to $400. Chuck Ashcraft, 580-772-7359. (RCA EPA-4319) BNL. NM / VG+. $75.

Elvis Presley King Creole. 45 EPA-4319, Black label, dog on top. Has EP title strip across the top of front cover. Tracks are: King Creole; New Orleans;, As Long As I have You; Lover Doll. No pits, dish or warps, this record is in mint condition. Sounds Great! $85.00.

Elvis Presley King Creole, Vol. 2. 45 EPA-4321, Black label, dog on top. Has EP title strip across the top of front cover. Tracks are: Trouble; Young Dreams; Crawfish; Dixieland Rock. No pits, dish or warps, this record is in mint condition. Sounds Great! $85.00.

“King Creole, Vol. 2” (RCA EPA-4321) BNL. VG+ / VG+. $75.

“Love Me Tender” (RCA EPA-4066) DOS. NM / VG. $50.

“A Touch of Gold, Vol. 2” (RCA EPA-5101) Maroon label. NM / VG-. $390

“Viva Las Vegas” (RCA EPA-4382) DOT. NM / NM. $95.

Elvis EPs: EPA-4054, EPA-821, EPA-4382, EPA-992, EPA-993. All in VG+ condition. $95.00 each. Also, EPA-4368. VG. $50.00.


“Aloha from Hawaii” "Elvis Aloha for Hawaii via Satellite," RCA VPSX-6089 two-record set. Record and folding sleeve in near-mint condition. $1,000.00

“Aloha from Hawaii” (RCA R-213736) Orange (Record Club). NM / NM. $50.

"Aloha from Hawaii" Elvis Aloha from Hawaii via Satelite 2 record set very good vpsx-6089 stereo. RCA $4,000.00.

“Almost in Love” (Pickwick CAS-2440). NM / NM. $15.

“April '64 Pop Sampler” (RCA SPS-33-272 ) Promo only. One Elvis track. VG+. $475.

“Between Takes with Elvis” (Creative Radio) Three-disc promo set. SS. $95.

“Billboard Top Rock'n'Roll Hits: 1960” (Rhino 0830) One Elvis track. NM / NM. $10.

"Blue Hawaii" LPM-2426 (Amor En Hawai) Spain, NM-/NM-, $75.00. LSP-2426, 740.634, France, NM/NM, $50.00

“Blue Hawaii” (RCA LSP-2426) Black "Stereo." NM / VG+. $40.

“Blue Hawaii” (RCA LSP-2426) Orange. VG+ / NM. $30.

“Blue Hawaii” (RCA AYL1-3683) Best Buy series. NM / NM. $10.

“Brightest Stars of Christmas” (RCA DPL1-0086) One Elvis track. JCPenny promo. NM / NM. $10.

“Canadian Tribute” (RCA KKL1-7065) Gold vinyl. NM / NM. $20.

“C'mon Everybody” (RCA 7128) France. NM / NM. $15.

“Command Performance” (ECP). NM / NM. $35.

“Collectors Edition” (RCA/TeeVee). Boxed five LP set. With booklet. Canadian. NM- / NM. $125.

“Country Music” (Time-Life 106). NM / NM. $25.

“Disque D'or” (RCA FNL1-7252) France. NM / NM. $15

“Double Dynamite” (Pickwick DL2-5001) Two discs. NM / NM. $25.

“Double Dynamite” (RCA/Pair PDL2-1010) Two discs. NM- / NM. $20.

“Early Elvis” (Premore PL-589 ) Cassette on LP size card. NM / NM. $12.

“Elvis” (RCA LPM-1382) With "Band 1," etc. VG / VG. $190.

“Elvis” (RCA LMP-1382) "Long Play 33." VG / VG. $35.

“Elvis” (RCA LSP-1382e) Silver print stereo. VG+ / VG. $95.

“Elvis” (RCA LPM-1382). VG+ condition. $135 or best offer.

“Elvis (Including 'Fool')” on RCA LP. RW / VG. $30.00.

"Elvis (Including 'Fool')" APL1-0283, USA, SS, $100.00 obo. Free Shipping & Insurance available.

“Elvis Aron Presley” (RCA CPL8-3699) Silver box. Reviewer's Series #03377. SS. $325.

“Elvis Aron Presley” (RCA CPL8-3699) Silver box #S 10640. SS. $140.

“Elvis Aron Presley” (RCA CPL8-3699) Silver box #E 06487. SS. $140.

“Elvis Aron Presley” (RCA CPL8-3699) Silver box #I 02900. SS. $140.

“Elvis Aron Presley” (RCA CPL8-3699) Silver box #O 03415. SS. $140.

“Elvis Aron Presley” (RCA CPL8-3699) Silver box #Y 07476. SS. $140.

“Elvis Aron Presley” (RCA CPK8-3699) Silver CASSETTE box #V 00512. NM / NM. $150.

"Elvis Christmas Album" (LOC-1035) 1957 gatefold, VG. Spine is taped, wear mark in lower left corner. $350.00.

“Elvis' Christmas Album” (RCA LSP-1951e) White & silver stereo. NM / NM. $60.

“Elvis' Christmas Album” RCA Victor LPM-1951 Black Label VG+/VG+ Two at $250.00 each.

“Elvis' Christmas Album” Pickwick/Camden (CAS-2428) Near-mint condition, maybe played twice. $20 or best offer.

“Elvis Commemorative Album” (RCA DPL2-0056e) Two gold vinyl discs, gatefold cover. Limited edition #48002. NM / NM. $95.

“Elvis Country” (RCA DPL1-0647). NM / NM. $25.

“Elvis Country” 1971 record album (AFL1-4460) RCA. This has picture on front cover of Elvis when he was four years old, and his parents are also on the cover of it. There are many of these albums but there are not that many with his parents on the cover of the album. Near-mint condition. Patrick T. Evans.

“Elvis Country” LSP-4460 RCA 1971 (SS with special photo inside) 2yr old Elvis and parents on cover. Several other SS albums in Mint Condition.

“Elvis Exclusive Interview (May 16, 1956, Little Rock Ark.)” (Creative Radio). SS. $12.

“Elvis Exclusive Live Press Conference” (Green Valley 2001). NM / NM. $15.

“Elvis for Everyone" RCA LSP-3450 and LPM-3450, both LPs are SS. Perhaps one of the very few examples of both the mono and stereo recordings in original sealed condition. $1,000.

“Elvis' Gold Records” (RCA LPM-1707) "Long Play 33." VG / VG-. $50.

“Elvis' Gold Records” (RCA LSP-1707e) Silver print stereo. NM / VG. $120.

Elvis Golden Records (LSP-1707e) M/NM $50.00 Black label, RCA logo is white, other print is silver.

“Elvis' Gold Records, Vol. 2” (RCA LPM-2075) "Monaural." VG+ / VG+. $40.

“Elvis' Gold Records, Vol. 2” (RCA LSP-2075e) Silver print stereo. NM / VG+. $140.

“Elvis' Golden Records, Vol. 3” (RCA LSP-2765) Black, "Stereo." NM / NM. $50.

“Elvis' Golden Records” (RCA LSP-1707e) NM / NM, black label, all print is silver. Valued between $200 - $300. Asking $225.00. email

“Elvis Gospel” (RCA 9586). NM / NM. $15.

“Elvis! His Greatest Hits" (RCA 010 / Reader's Digest) Yellow box, 7 record edition. Includes Music Program Notes. M / NM Valued at $50 - $80. Asking $65. email

“Elvis in Concert” (RCA APL2-2587) Two-discs, gatefold cover. With insert. NM / NM. $35.

“Elvis! La Legende” (RCA 90056) France. Two-discs, gatefold cover. NM- / NM. $20.

“Elvis La Pelvis” (RCA 60276) Argentina. NM / NM. $25.

“Elvis Memories” (ABC Radio) Boxed, three-discs and inserts AND reel tape. NM / NM. $395.

“Elvis On Tour” (Lisa). NM / NM. $35.

Elvis -Original album releases with covers and sleeves. LPM 1382 '56; LPM 1515 '57; LPM 1707 '58; LPM 2011 '60; LPM 1990 '59; LPM 2075 '60; LPM 2231 '60; LSP 2256 '60; LPM 2370 '61. Also 20 Gold Standard 45s with sleeves; 6 singles and 14 EPA'S without. Collection in overall good condition. Will sell complete or individually. All reasonable offers considered. E-mail for more details.

“Elvis Presley Interview Record (Audio Self-Portrait)” (RCA DJM1-0835) Promo only. NM / NM. $95.

“Elvis Presley Interview Record (Audio Self-Portrait)” (RCA DJM1-0835) Promo only. VG / NM. $70.

“Elvis Recorded Live in Memphis” (RCA APD1-0606) Quad. NM- / NM. $295.

“Elvis Recorded Live in Memphis” (RCA 1404025) Made exclusively for the Brazilian Fan Club. NM- / NM. $50.

“Elvis Remembered” (Creative Radio) Three test presses & inserts. Only three sets made. NM. $295.

“ELVIS Scotty and Bill, The First Year,” Special Collector's Edition. Golden Editions, Ltd., producer, 1979, GEL 101. Approximately 10,000 LP's and 8,000 8 tracks still in original shipping cartons. Anxious to sell all.

“Elvis Sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas” LP RCA Stereo #ANL1-1936 VG+/VG+ $90.00.

“Elvis Sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas” Very Good, 1976, Tan Label, ANL1-1936. $150. 6,000 45s and LPs. E-mail for an Excel listing jefferchul@yahoo.com.

“Elvis Tapes” (GNMC 4005 ). NM / NM. $12.

Elvis - Three Albums, $50: 1. “Sings Hits from His Movies.” 2. “Let's Be Friends.” 3. “Sings Flaming Star.” All 33s, in good shape. Ask about entire collection.

“Elvis Today” (RCA APD1-1039) Quad. NM- / NM. $295.

“The First Year” (Golden Editions 1) Gatefold. With inserts. NM / NM. $15.

“The First Years” (HALW 00001). NM / NM. $15.

“For LP Fans Only” (RCA LSP-1990e) White print stereo. NM / NM. $75.

For Sale: Collection of 99 Long-Play Elvis Presley albums--almost all with covers and inner sleeves--some dating back to 1956. Most are in good condition. Collection valued at $4,500-$6,000. Will provide Access Database with pertinent information about each album to prospective buyers. Will consider a viable offer.

“Forever Young, Forever Beautiful” (Memphis Flash). NM / NM. $85.

“40 Greatest” (Arcade/RCA) U.K. Two discs, gatefold cover. NM / NM. $40.

“Frankie & Johnny” (Pickwick ACL-7007). NM / NM. $15.

“From Elvis with Love” (R234340) Record club, two discs. NM / NM. $25.

“Fun in Acapulco” (RCA LPM-2756) "Mono." VG+ / VG+. $50.

“Fun in Acapulco” (RCA LSP-2756) "Stereo." NM / NM. $70.

"Girls! Girls! Girls!" LPS-2621, USA, SS, $75.00 obo. LSP-2621, 443.016, France, NM-/NM-, $50.00 obo. Free shipping & insurance available.

“Golden Album, Vol. 1” (Taiwan) Boxed, 10-disc set. Extremely rare! NM- / NM. $395.

“Happy Holidays, Vol. 18” (RCA DPL1-0608) One Elvis track. True Value promo. NM / NM. $10.

“Harum Scarum” (RCA LPM-3468) "Monaural." Includes NM bonus photo. VG+ / NM. $140.

His Hand in Mine/A> (RCA ANL1-1319). N/M $20.

“His Hand in Mine” (RCA LPM-2328) "Long Play 33." VG- / VG. $30.

"Hot Dog" picture disc. VG+. $30.00.

“How Great Thou Art” (RCA LPM-3758). VG- / VG-. $20.

"How Great Thou Art" VG+ / VG+. $15.00.

“I Wanna Be a Rock & Roll Star” (Viktorie). NM / NM. $125.

“Kissin Cousins” (RCA LSP-2894) Orange. NM / NM. $30.

LPs - Elvis & Others: Elvis, RCA LSP-2523 "Pot Luck" 1962 NM / NM $125; Elvis RCA LSP-4362 "On Stage" 1970 NM / NM $25; Tommy Sands, Capitol T-1123 "This Thing Called Love" 1959 8/8 $30; Monkees, Colgems COM-101 1966 8/8 $40; Patti Page, Mercury SR 60615 "Golden Hits" 1958 9+/9 $30; 45rpm Beatles VJ-587 "Do You Want To Know A Secret" 1964 7+ (Chip on edge, play not affected) $450 obo. Many, many more. No S&H on purchase over $50. Contact Roger at abbiedebbie@peoplepc.com or call (406) 777-5241.

“Le Disque D'or” (RCA 6886 807) France. NM / NM. $15.

“The Legend Lives On” (Reader's Digest 191) Boxed, seven-disc set. Includes booklet. NM / NM. $55.

“Legendary Performer, Vol. 1” (RCA CPL1-0341) First issue, with booklet. NM / NM. $35.

“Legendary Performer, Vol. 2” (RCA CPL1-1349) First issue, with booklet. No outtakes! NM / NM. $75.

“Legendary Performer, Vol. 2” (RCA CPL1-1349) First issue, with booklet. With outtakes. NM / NM. $35.

“Legendary Performer, Vols. 1 & 2” With booklets. Mint condition. $50 plus S&H.

“Legendary Performer, Vol. 3” (RCA CPL1-3078) Picture disc. NM / NM. $35.

Legendary Performer, Vol. 3” (RCA CPL1-3078). $30 + shipping.

"Legendary Performer, Vol. 3" picture disc. VG+. $20.00.

“Legendary Performer, Vol. 3” (RCA CPL1-3082) First issue, with booklet. NM / NM. $35.

“Love Songs” (K-Tel 9900). NM / NM. $15.

“Loving You” (RCA LSP-1515e) Silver print stereo. NM / VG-. $100.

“Loving You” (Gold Suit). NM / NM. $35.

"Loving You" stereo. VG+ / VG+. $20.00.

“Loving You” RCA LSP-1515e. Silver suit. SS. $90.

“Mahalo from Elvis” (Pickwick ACL-7064). NM / NM. $35.

“Memories of Elvis” (RCA DML5-0263) Boxed, five-disc set. With booklet. NM- / NM. $60.

“Memphis Record” (RCA 6221-1) Two discs, gatefold cover. NM / NM. $35.

“Memories Are Forever” (Memphis Flash). NM / NM. $15.

“Monologue LP” (Bullet). NM / NM. $125.

"Moody Blue" AFL-1-2428, blue vinyl. SS Free shipping and insurance available. $100.

"Moody Blue" Elvis Moody Blue (the blue album) Mint unopened AFL-1-2428. $2,000.00

“Movie Rocks” (RCA 7147) France. NM / NM. $15.

“Number One Hits” (RCA 6382) With inserts. NM / NM. $15.

“Orbit” (Russia) Two Elvis tracks, including alternative "Gentle on My Mind." NM / NM. $50.

“Paradise Hawaiian Style” (RCA LPM-3643). NM- / NM. $40.

“Play It Hot” (Laurel). NM / NM. $35.

“Please Release Me” (First 161). NM- / NM. $125.

"Poor Boy" picture disc. VG+. $30.00.

“Radio's Million Performance Songs” (CBS 101) One Elvis track. Promo only. NM / NM. $50.

"Raised on Rock" APL1-0388, USA, SS, $100.00 obo. Free shipping & insurance available.

“Remembering” (RCA/Pair PDL2-1037) Two discs. NM / NM. $25.

“Rock 'n Roll Forever” (RCA DM1-0437). NM / NM. $15.

“Shock, Rattle 'N' Roll” (Pink & Black). NM / NM. $45.

“Singer Presents Elvis Singing Flaming Star” (RCA PRS-279). NM / NM. $95.

“Something for Everybody” (RCA LSP-2370) Orange. NM / NM. $30.

"Something for Everybody" Stereo. VG / VG+. $25.00.

“Spinout” (RCA LPM-3702) "Monaural." Includes VG+ (trimmed) bonus photo. NM / NM. $85.

“Spinout” (RCA LSP-3702). VG+ / VG. $40.

“Spinout” Never opened! $90.

“Stars of Christmas” (RCA DPL1-0842) One Elvis track. NM / NM. $10.

“Sun Collection” (RCA HY1001) U.K. NM / NM. $20.

“Sun Sessions” (RCA APM1-1675). NM / NM. $15.

“Sun Years” (Sun 1001) White/brown. NM / NM. $20.

“Sun Years” (Sun 1001) Light yellow/brown. Canadian. NM / NM. $25.

“That's All Right” (Russia). NM / NM. $25.

“This Is Elvis” (RCA CPL2-4031) Promo. Two discs, gatefold cover. NM / NM. $20.

“Top Ten Hits” (RCA 6383) Two discs, gatefold cover. NM / NM. $15.

“Vintage 1955” (Oak 1003). NM / NM. $75.

"Worldwide Gold Award Hits, Parts 1&2" VG / VG+. $20.00.


All are presumed to be like new. Unless noted differently, shipping and/or handling charges are extra.

“A Damn Fine Show” (Soundboard). $30.

“Blue Christmas” Single CD, promotional only. “Seasons Greetings from Your Friends at Graceland,” and Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. picture cover sleeve. $175.00, includes p&h from Memphis, Tenn.

“Danske Single Hits” (RCA) Denmark. $25.

“Date with Elvis” (RCA). $12.

“Definitive Gospel Album” (Columbia) Germany. $20.

“Original Film Music, Vol. 4” (AJ). $30.

“Elvis As Recorded in Stereo '57, Vol. 2” (Sound Advice). $30.

“Elvis Sings the Wonderful World of Christmas” (RCA). $12.

Elvis: The Definitive Collection DVD (25th Anniversary Boxed Set) VERY RARE Collector’s Edition purchased BEFORE the injunction was issued. Original version, not revised edition. Still in shrink wrap. $1050 free shipping USA

“Elvis Tapes” (Jerden). $12.

“Essential Collection” Sealed CD (Mexico) (RCA 74321249162) SS. $25. Elvis albums ('70s vintage) pressed in Mexico for sale. Send for list!

“For LP Fans Only” (RCA). $12.

“From Burbank to Memphis - The January '69 Session” (Majo). $30.

“From Burbank to Vegas” (Moon). $30.

“From Elvis in Memphis” (RCA). $12.

“Girl Happy at the World's Fair” - One Hour of Unreleased Takes (Bilko). $30.

“Great Performances” (BMG). $25.

“Hang Loose” (Bilko). $35.

“Here I Go Again” Gatefold (Diamond). $45.

“His Hand in Mine” (RCA). $12.

“Hot and Tight” (Flashback). $35.

“Lost Promo” - Vol. 1 (SD). $30.

“Loving You” (RCA). $12.

“Number One Hits” (RCA). $12.

“Original Film Music, Vol. 4” (G.I. Blues/Frankie & Johnny/Follow That Dream) (AJ). $30.

“Original Film Music, Vol. 5” (Jailhouse Rock/Love Me Tender/Spinout/Stay Away Joe) (AJ). $30.

“Original Film Music, Vol. 6” (Kissin' Cousins/Roustabout/Tickle Me) (AJ). $30.

“Original Film Music, Vol. 7” (Harum Scarum/Girl Happy/Wild in the Country) (AJ). $30.

“Original Film Music, Vol. 8” (Fun in Acapulco/ Easy Come, Easy Go/Clambake) (AJ). $30.

“Out of the Box” (RCA) promo only. $50.

“Rock 'n' Roll Collection” CD (Mexico) (RCA CDL-1089). $23. Elvis albums ('70s vintage) pressed in Mexico for sale. Send for list!

“Rocker” (RCA). $18.

“Stax Trax” (Bilko). $35.

“Today, Tomorrow & Forever” - Still sealed, promo only! (BMG). $50.

“Top Ten Hits” (RCA) two discs. $22.

Very Big Elvis CD Collection for Sale! Huge collection of 400 CDs for sale. Lots of rare discs, interwiews and dated live recordings. Have all photos of all the covers on CD, and will send it in the mail by request.

“Vienna Woods Rock 'n' Roll” - Vol. 1 (Ranwood). $30.

“Vienna Woods Rock 'n' Roll” - Vol. 2 (Ranwood). $30.

“Vintage 1955” - Rare! (Oak). $60.

“When All Was Kool” (Mystery Train). $35.

“Wonderful World of Christmas” - Still sealed, promo only! (BMG). $200.

“Yesterday / Today” (Bilko). $35.


Elvis Monthly British fan magazines. Have 59 issues in excellent condition. 1962-'69, most from the mid-sixties. Offers around $925.

“1956 Elvis Photo Album” Elvis' life story from birth. 125 photos never before published, and the first life-size photo of Elvis' face ever published. Very good condition for a 50-year-old magazine. $150.00. E-mail.


All books are presumed to be trade paperback unless shown as hardcover.

“Aspects of Elvis Presley” (Clayson/Leigh, 1994). Hardcover with dust jacket. Hard-to-find UK publication. 346 pgs. $28.

“Best of Elvis Presley” (Doll, 1996). Hardcover with dust jacket. Beautiful book. 216 pgs. $28.

“Elvis: A Tribute to His Life” (Doll, 1989). Hardcover with dust jacket. 256 pgs. $35.

“Elvis: Rock 'n' Roll Legend” (Doll, 1994). Hardcover. 238 pgs. $25.

“The Films of Elvis Presley” (Doll, 1991). Hardcover with dust jacket. 96 pgs. $15.

“When Elvis Died” (Gregory, 1980) 304 pgs. $14.

“Viva Las Elvis” (Thompson, 1994) 96 pgs. $6.

“Elvis Inc.” (O'Neal, 1996). Hardcover with dust jacket. 242 pgs. $25.

“Elvis in the Army” (Taylor, 1995). Hardcover with dust jacket. 170 pgs. $20.

“Elvis” (Strzeszewski, 1986). From Poland. Extremely rare. 288 pgs. $20.

“Elvis in Deutschland” (Mansfield, 1981). Germany. 156 pgs. $15.

“The Works of Elvis Presley” (Koshitani, 1994). Japan. 296 pgs. $20.


A Menu from the Las Vegas Hilton! Called a "Pre-Holiday Jubilee Souvenir Menu, December 2-15, 1975." Also have a 1975 Las Vegas Hilton "Summer Festival" Tour Photo (Elvis on front and back). Has map with all of his concerts from 1970 through '74. The menu is slightly wrinkled but still in very good condition (was in a closet). Please make offers by mail (e-mail or postal) or phone (979-244-2374). Betty Fisher, 2813 Duberry St., Bay City TX 77414.

Elvis - U.S. Postal Service Commerative edition. Elvis stamp looks like a record album, full color page booklet, 2 full pages of stamps. Perfect condition. $50. Also, an unopened set of Celebrate the Century stamps, the 1950s. $20.

1956 Elvis Wallet! This is a vintage vinyl Elvis Presley wallet. It is tan colored and there is a window on the front to insert a photo. It appears to be used very little, if at all. It has picked up a few dirt particles from the drawer it's been in for the last 50 years. Great addition to an Elvis collection. $550.00 Please e-mail me.

Always Elvis Collector's Wine. 1978 Frontenac Blanc D'Oro, series one, gold record edition for sale. Good condition. Make an offer. Call 850-235-1541 or email.

Authentic Signed 1956 Photograph of Elvis Shows Elvis in a shirt with small flowers and v neck. $1,000.00. Might negotiate some. Mint condition. Please call Helen at 615-831-0840. Or e-mail!

Authentic Sun Label! Here is the most economical way to own Elvis' “Milkcow Blues Boogie” on a 1955 Sun; forego the vinyl. Our Elvis Sun (45 rpm) labels came directly from the Sun warehouse (in 1967). They are in their original, uncut, state since they were never used in production. A wonderful slice of Elvis history. Comes with a letter of authenticity. Only $25 each.

Elvis Blue Guitar Brass Belt Buckle. Sold to highest bidder. Payment accepted only through Paypal. For photo click here!

Elvis Tile - Very Rare! Here it is, in excellent condition, one of the most sought-after items among the 1956 E.P.E. memorabilia. Reads "Best Wishes, Elvis Presley." Just $2,500. E-mail for more information.

1969 Souvenir Menu from the International Hotel. G+. Also, two RCA Records Photo Albums and two postcards from the same Las Vegas event. G+.

Glass Bust of Elvis (Head). It's new, rare and very collectible. Buyer arranges collection, or postage/packing.

Rare 1951 Elvis photograph for sale. Serious bidders e-mail elvis1951photo@hotmail.com or call (928) 778-2183, 7:00 - 10:00 p.m. EST for details. Ask for Bob.

This bust statue of the king of rock and roll is definitely not "all shook up"!!!!! Finished in a fleshtone glaze and beautifully hand painted, it is truly a collectors item! Stands 24" high,13" wide and weighs 13 lbs. Retail price is $19.99. Due to very safe packing and oversize box, shipping is $16.00 in the USA. Any questions? freddyelp@elvis.com


Elvis Mansion: You can own a one-of-a-kind, handmade replica of Graceland - an incredibly detailed model of Elvis Presley’s mansion. Has 1,436 hand-cut pieces representing stones on the exterior, and 8,124 cuts to make life-like composite roofing. It took 644 hours to build with $1,900 in materials and supplies. The model is 46" long, 28" wide, and 16" tall. It needs to be seen to fully appreciate its craftsmanship and size. Shipping is available. To discuss purchasing, call George at 360-624-4095.

VERY RARE 1956 EP ENTERPRISES ITEMS FOR SALE. Piece of original 1956 Elvis Presley skirt. See picture. Piece is 46 X 22 inches, can be folded nicely and framed. I have a picture of the original owner wearing this skirt with a letter of provenance included. $750 or highest offer over $750. I will take offers for 30 days after the first offer is made. 1956 Elvis Presley enterprises color 8X10 $150.00. 1956 Elvis Presley enterprises button $150.00. I have many more items for sale too numerous to mention. Please email me for a complete list.


Wanted: Any song that mentions Elvis or makes a direct reference to him in the lyrics. Any format, from any country. Have many for trade also. E-mail is eltribs@optonline.net. Telephone (845) 592-1022. Ask for Howard.


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