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Your dream original art creation can now be a reality.
We call ours “Heavenly Encore.”

“Heavenly Encore” is a magnificent example of the type of original art that can be created specifically for you, by internationally famous artist, Betty Harper.

Unlike our well-known series of fine art lithographs, each of our Harper originals is completely unique. They are neither printed nor offered for sale to anyone else in any manner. You own the one and only original. Nowhere in the world will there ever be another exactly like yours!

What makes our custom creations so very special is that the scene and subjects Betty creates for you will be exactly what YOU want to see pictured.

Our dream creation (“Heavenly Encore”), which hangs proudly and prominently on our wall, is a celestial encore performance by 33 of the most legendary stars to ever grace a stage, but none of whom are still living. We requested one panel of pop stars, one for the rock and R&B greats, and one for our C&W favorites:

Panel 1: Nat King Cole; Bing Crosby; Sarah Vaughn; Dean Martin; Frank Sinatra; Sammy Davis Jr.; Bobby Darin.

Panel 2: Ricky Nelson; Clyde McPhatter; Tony Williams (of the Platters); Carl Perkins; Eddie Cochran; Bill Haley; Buddy Holly; Sam Cooke; Elvis Presley; Bill Black; Jackie Wilson; Roy Orbison; Marvin Gaye; Gene Vincent; Otis Redding; John Lennon; Jimi Hendrix.

Panel 3: Gene Autry; Conway Twitty; Patsy Cline; Marty Robbins; Jim Reeves; Hank Williams; Johnny Horton; Roy Rogers; Tammy Wynette.

Though greatly reduced here, the “Heavenly Encore” original is in three separate pieces (a “triptych”) and, with frames, takes up 12' x 4' of wall space. It is huge, and believe it when we tell you everyone who sees it just stands in awe. Then they usually try to name all 33 of the stars, which itself is an interesting challenge.

Each of the three panels above links to a larger version of the image. Visit all three pages to better appreciate this musical masterpiece.

Would you like your own personal version of a “Heavenly Encore,” but with your favorite celebrities? Or, would you prefer just one person shown? Perhaps you would like a portrait of yourself, or your family? You with a celebrity? A cherished pet maybe, or a house?

You are certainly not limited to celebrities, though they have been our speciality for many years. Just about anything you can envision or provide a photo of, Betty Harper can draw.

Need a gift for someone special? Could anything be more personal and creative than a original work of art by one of the world's best-loved artists?

Important: since Betty's art is very collectible — nearly all of her past originals now sell for many thousands of dollars — your special creation will likely always remain a solid investment.

Contact us soon and we will discuss the creation of your custom piece of art by Betty Harper. Prices vary depending on project size and work time, but begin as low as $150. As with all Osborne Fine Art Images, museum-quality framing is available for your precious artwork.

Betty Harper has received more requests to draw Elvis Presley than all others put together. Here are a few of her works published in signed, numbered, limited edition fine art lithographs — all of which are sold out:

Elvis the Man

Elvis the Entertainer

Elvis in Concert

American Glory

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