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“Matthew Wink O'Bannon” (Safe House). $8.
Dillon O'Brian - “Scenes from My Last Confession” (RCA) promo with different cover art. $10.
Obvious - “Rock & Roll in the Big City” (I Wanna). $8.
Ocean Blue - “Cerulean” (Sire/Reprise). $8.
Maura O'Connell - “A Real Life Story” (W.B.). $8.
Maura O'Connell - “Blue Is the Colour of Hope” (W.B.). $8.
John O'Connor - “Unravelin'” (Flying Fish). $8.
Sinéad O'Connor - “Am I Not Your Girl” (Ensign). $8.
“Oho” (Sky). $8.
Evan Olson - “One Room” (Cherry). $8.
One 2 One - “Imagine It” (A&M). $8.
1000 Mona Lisas - “New Disease” (RCA) $8.
“As Art Ontario 1957-1962, As Art Buchanan 1991-1993” (Lost Gold). $8.
“Or-N-More” (EMI). $8.
Orquesta America - “Charangueando” (Milan Latino). $8.
Joan Osborne ”Loves in Need of Love" (Compendia 9375). $3.
Joan Osborne ”Smiling Faces Sometimes" (Compendia 9376). $3.
“Outta Control” (Interhit). $8.
Overweight Pooch - “Female Preacher” (A&M). $8.
Martin Page - “House of Stone & Light” (Mercury). $8.
Pale Saints - “Slow Buildings” (4AD). $8.
Palladinos - “Travelling Dark” (I.R.S.). $8.
Robert Palmer - “Don't Explain” (EMI). $8.
Graham Parker - “Struck By Lightning” (BMG). $8.
Rick Parker - “Wicked World” (Geffen). $8.
“Alan Parsons Live” (RCA). $8.
Cecil Payne Quartet - “Casbah” (Stash). $8.
“Carlton Pearson and the Higher Dimensions Choir Live” (Warner Alliance). $8.
“Danny Peck” (RCA). $8.
Ce Ce Peniston - “Finally” (A&M). $8.
Michael Penn - “Free-For-All” (RCA). $8.
“Peregrins” (MCA). $8.
“Perfect Gentlemen” (W.B.). $8.
Steve Perry - “For the Love of Strange Medicine” (Columbia). $8.
Ed Petersen - “Upward Spiral” (Delmark). $8.
“Al Petty Sings Hal Dixon Hatcher with Special Guest Mozelle Moore” (Love-L). $8.
Tom Petty - “Wildflowers” (W.B.). $8.
Pfister Sisters - “New Orleans” (Great Southern). $8.
“Piano 'C' Red” (Fan Club). $8.
Astor Piazzolla - “Tres Minutos con la Realidad” (Milan). $8.
Daniel Piazzolla Octet - “Piazzolla By Piazzolla” (Milan). $8.
“Pinups ” (Triple X). $8.
Bucky Pizzarelli - “Solo Flight” (Stash). $8.
John Pizzarelli - “New Standards” (Novus/RCA). $8.
Point - “Fingernoid Slink” (I.R.S.). $8.
Porno for Pyros - “Sadness” (W.B.). $8.
Poster Children - “Tool of the Man” (Sire/Reprise). $8.
Bud Powell - “Bouncing with Bud” (Delmark). $8.
“Power in the House” (Post). $8.
Power Trio From Hell - “American Man” (Reprise). $8.
“Preacher Boy & the Natural Blues” (Blind Pig). $8.
Preacher Boy - “Gutters and Pews” (Blind Pig). $8.
“Presidents Of The United States Of America” (PopLlama). $8.
Elvis Presley: see separate Presley category. Click here to jump directly there.
Pretenders - “Last of the Independents” (Sire/W.B.). $8.
“Lloyd Price” (Specialty). $8.
Primal Scream - “Give Out But Don't Give Up” (Sire/W.B.). $8.
Prince - “Come” (W.B.). $8.
Prince - “Music from Graffiti Bridge” (Paisley Park/W.B.). $8.
“Prince and the New Power Generation” (Paisley Park/W.B.). $8.
John Prine - “Missing Years” (Oh Boy). $8.
“Private Life” (W.B.). $8.

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