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"American Pie" (Universal) $8.
"Andrew Lloyd Webber Premiere Collection Encore" (Polydor) misc. soundtracks. $8.
"Angel Baby" (Milan) soundtrack. $8.
"Astral Meditation" (Milan) various soundtracks. $8.
"At First Sight" (Milan) soundtrack. $8.
"Avalon" (Reprise) soundtrack. $8.
"Backdraft" (Milan/BMG) soundtrack. $8.
"Bandit Queen" (Milan/BMG) soundtrack. $8.
"Bandwagon" (Milan) soundtrack. Promo, before covers were made. $8.
"Baps" (Milan) soundtrack. $8.
"Beautician & the Beast" (Milan) soundtrack. $8.
"Beavis & Butthead Do America" (Milan) soundtrack. $8.
"Bed of Roses" (Milan) soundtrack. $8.
"Blues Brothers 2000" (Universal) soundtrack promo. $12.
"Body of Evidence" (RCA) soundtrack. $8.
"Boyz N the Hood" (Qwest/W.B.) soundtrack. $8.
"Bring in 'da Noise, Bring in 'da Funk" (RCA) original Broadway cast. $8.
"Cabin in the Sky" (Rhino) soundtrack. $8.
"Cannes Film Festival - 50th Anniversary" (Milan) misc. soundtracks. $8.
"Carousel" (MCA Classics) original Broadway cast. $8.
"Celebrity" (Milan) soundtrack. $8.
"Coneheads" (W.B.) soundtrack. $8.
"Cop Land" (Milan) soundtrack. $8.
"Crash" (Milan) soundtrack. $8.
"Crying Game" (SBK/EMI) soundtrack. $8.
"Daylight" (Universal) soundtrack. $8.
"Deep End of the Ocean" (Milan) soundtrack. $8.
"Die Hard with a Vengeance" (BMG). $8.
"E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" (MCA) soundtrack. $8.
"Easter Parade" (Rhino) soundtrack. $8.
"Escape from L.A." (Milan) soundtrack. $8.
"Evita (Disc 1)" (MCA) original London cast. $10.
"Evita (Disc 2)" (MCA) original London cast. $10.
"Evita" (MCA) original London cast. 2 CDS $25.
"First Strike" (Milan) soundtrack. $8.
"For Me and My Gal" (Rhino) soundtrack. $8.
"Four Days in September" (Milan) soundtrack. $8.
"Freebird, the Movie" (Lynyrd Skynyrd) (MCA) soundtrack. $8.
"Freddy's Dead: The Final Nighmare" (Metal Blade) soundtrack. $8.
"Ghost" (Milan) soundtrack. $8.
"Gigi" (Rhino) soundtrack. $8.
"Grease" (BMG) 1994 Broadway cast. $8.
"Guys and Dolls" (MCA Classics) original cast. $8.
"Hard Rain" (Milan) soundtrack. $8.
"Harvey Girls" (Rhino) soundtrack. $8.
"Hate & Café au Lait" (Milan) soundtrack. $8.
"Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth" (Victory) soundtrack. $8.
"Her Majesty Mrs. Brown" (Milan) soundtrack. $8.
"Hotel de Love" (Milan) soundtrack. $8.
"Iron and Silk" (Mute) soundtrack. $8.
"Island of Dr. Moreau" (Milan) soundtrack. $8.
"It Could Happen to You" (Columbia) soundtrack. $8.
"Jimmy Hollywood" (Atlas) soundtrack. $8.
"Kalifornia" (Polydor) soundtrack. $8.
"King and I" (MCA) soundtrack. $8.
"Kiss of the Spider Woman" (Mercury) new Broadway cast. $8.
"Kiss the Girls" (Milan) soundtrack. $8.
"La Corsa Dell' Innocente" (CAM) soundtrack. $8.
"La Discesa di Acla' a Floristella" (CAM) soundtrack. $8.
"Larger Than Life" (Milan) soundtrack. $8.
"Les Choses de la Vie" (CAM) soundtrack. $8.
"Mambo Kings" (Elektra) soundtrack. $8.
"Mask" (Chaos/Columbia) soundtrack. $8.
"Meet Me in St. Louis" (Rhino) soundtrack. $8.
"Mermaids" (Geffen) soundtrack. $8.
"Miss Saigon" (Geffen) original London cast. 2 CDs $15.
"Mr. Saturday Night" (Big Screen/Giant) soundtrack. $8.
"Mrs. Dalloway" (Milan) soundtrack. $8.
"Most Wanted" (Milan) soundtrack. $8.
"Naked in New York" (Sire/Reprise) soundtrack. $8.
"New Starlight Express" (Hip-O) soundtrack. $8.
"New York Rock & Soul Revue - Live at the Beacon" (Giant) original cast. $8.
"Nothing but Trouble" (W.B.) soundtrack. $8.
"Oklahoma" (MCA Classics) original New York cast. $8.
"On Your Toes" (MCA Classics) original Broadway cast. $8.
"Out to Sea" (Milan) soundtrack. $8.
"Outer Limits" (GNP Crescendo) original TV soundtrack. $8.
"Paper" (Reprise) soundtrack. $8.
"Passions & Achievements: 20-Year Retrospective of Soundtracks from Films of Director Ron Howard" (Milan) gatefold. $10.
"Patriot Games" (RCA) soundtrack. $8.
"Playing God" (Milan) soundtrack. $8.
"Playing God" (Milan) soundtrack promo. $12.
"Pret-a-Porter" (Columbia) soundtrack. $8.
"Real Blonde" (Milan) soundtrack. $8.
"Reality Bites" (RCA) soundtrack. $8.
"Run Lola Run" (TVT) $8.
"Rush" (Reprise) soundtrack. $8.
"Stargate SG-1" (Milan) soundtrack. $8.
"Streetcar Named Desire & Music by Max Steiner" (Capitol) soundtrack. $8.
"Tales from the Crypt" (Big Screen/Giant) TV soundtrack. $8.
"This Is My Life" (Qwest) soundtrack. $8.
"Tommy (The Who's)" (BMG) original cast. 2 CDs $15.
"Toys" (Geffen) soundtrack. $8.
"Trepass" (Sire/W.B.) soundtrack. $8.
"Trepass" (Sire/W.B.) original score. $8.
"Un Altra Vita" (CAM) soundtrack. $8.
"Una Vita Venduta" (CAM) soundtrack. $8.
"Wayne's World" (Reprise) soundtrack. $8.
"Wayne's World 2" (Reprise) soundtrack. $8.
"Welcome to Woop Woop" (Universal) soundtrack. $8.
"Wild Orchid" (Sire/W.B.) soundtrack. $8.
"Wisdom & Compassion" (Milan) soundtrack. $8.
"With Honors" (Maverick/Sire/W.B.) soundtrack. $8.
"Wolf" (Columbia/Sony) soundtrack. $8.
"Ziegfeld Follies" (Rhino) soundtrack. $8.

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