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Unholy Wives - “When Sanity Sleeps” (Blue Wave). $8.
Urban Speech - “Do Something” (Reprise). $8.
“The Ukrainians” (Omnium). $8.
Unband - “Retarder” (TVT). $8.
Urban Dance Squad - “Routine” (Arista). $8.
Midge Ure - “Pure” (BMG). $8.
Urge Overkill - “Saturation” (Geffen). $8.
Uriah Heep - “Return to Fantasy” (Sequel). $8.
Utah Saints - “Something Good” (London). $8.
Valgardena - “On the Bridge” (Mercury). $8.
Vain - “Who's Watching You” (Island) single. $5.
Van Halen - “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge” (W.B.). $8.
Maurice John Vaughn - “In the Shadow of the City” (Alligator). $8.
The Veldt - “Marigolds” (Stardog). $8.
Charlie Ventura - “Concert” (MCA). $8.
Violent Femmes - “Add 1 & Up (1981-1993)” (Slash). $8.

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