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“Acid Jazz Collection Two” (Scotti Bros.). $8.
“Apple EP” (Hopkin/Preston/Lomax/Badfinger) (Apple) deluxe, promo only issue. $25.
“At Death's Door II” (Roadrunner). $8.
“Bending Towards the Light … A Jazz Nativity” (Milan). $8.
“Body Jams Vol. 1” (Popular/RCA). $8.
“Celtic Graces: A Best of Ireland” (Hemisphere/EMI/I.R.S.). $8.
“Club Mix '96 Vol. 2 (Non-Stop Play of Remixed Dance Hits)” (Cold Front). $8.
“Dangerous Inventions (12 Songs by 12 Bands from Pallywag Recordings)” (Futurist/Pallywag). $8.
“Exotic Sounds from Many Worlds” (Milan/BMG). $8.
“Godchildren of Soul - Anyone Can Join” (Forward/Rhino). $8.
“Gregorian Chant for Easter (several Abbey Choirs of France” (Milan/BMG). $6.
“Hemisphere :The World's Greatest Local Music Sampler” (I.R.S.). $8.
“Hit Mix 96 Volume Two (Non-Stop Play of remixed Dance Hits)” (Cold Front/K-Tel). $8.
“Jazz Collector Edition” (Laserlight). Boxed, 5-CD set. $15.
“Lambada Brazil” (Polydor). $8.
“Latin Lingo: Hip-Hop from the Raza” (Rhino). $14.
“Les Sacalaits Sont Pas Salé (Lively Cajun Music)” (Swallow). $8.
“Raiders of the Lost Art (Rap)” (Street Life/Scotti Bros.). $8.
“Rockin' Zydeco Party” (Maison de Soul). $8.
“Song Retains the Name Volume II (Led Zeppelin songs)” (Safe House). $8.
“Spittin' Lingo (Lingo Allstars)” (Lingo/Scotti Bros.). $8.
“Super Fantastic Mega Smash Hits!” (Backyard/Pravda). $8.

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