From 1976 through 1983, Jerry Osborne created 21 books for other publishers. In 1984, he began publishing his own books, with an occasional title by other authors.

In 1984, Osborne Enterprises published their first book: "Country Music Buyers-Sellers Reference Book & Price Guide." Among the titles that followed was "Rockin' Records Buyers-Sellers Reference Book & Price Guide," which quickly became the flagship guide of the company.

Three years later, Random House signed Jerry to what turned out to be a 20-year, 24-book, deal (1987-2007) to create a special series of music guides that would be marketed through traditional book retailers in America and overseas.

Random House, and their imprint, House of Collectibles, felt that "Rockin' Records" was too big, especially when most of their book store orders were for several different titles, and all of the others were roughly the same size. Our giant five pound guide was just to difficult to pack with mixed book orders.

To solve this dillema for them, Osborne agreed to produce a scaled-down version of the big book. This meant omitting half or more of the content of "Rockin' Records."

By the mid-2000s, Random House, the world's largest English language publishing company, was taken over by a German conglomerate and the House of Collectibles was being phased out.

Meanwhile, Osborne Enterprises continued producing several new books each year, including "Rockin' Records" annually. And since 2007, and the "OPG 18th Edition," "Rockin' Records" stands alone, so there should be no further confusion between it and the long defunct "Official Price Guide" series.

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