Rockin' Records (PDF) on CD-ROM

Rockin' Records
Buyers-Sellers Reference & Price Guide
Latest edition in the PDF Format

Rockin' Records is on DVD-ROM in the incredibly convenient and portable PDF format. Even in years when a new printed book is not issued, a new CD edition will be available.

With the DVD you will have the COMPLETE Rockin' Records listings in just one PDF file!

How does a PDF differ from the Cyberguides version of Rockin' Records?

The PDF edition is a single file, presented exactly as though flipping through a book, but with much easier searching. From the first page (i.e., front cover) you can jump instantly to any listing or page in just seconds!

As a PDF file, it is read-only and cannot be edited. But if most of what you do is refer to the information in the guide, then this is the ultimate format. You can even carry the entire book on a laptop, flash drive, tablet, notebook, and other portable devices.

For frequent use, most folks copy the PDF file from the DVD to a computer, and then store the disc as a backup source.

Other than a defective media (CD or DVD) or file, no returns or refunds are available with digital items.

Cyberguides is text-only and distributed weekly in MS-Word, with the data in individual Document files, making it easy to edit and customize. Cyberguides also includes three other guides whereas PDF is only Rockin' Records.

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ISBN number for this title is: 0-932117-91-0

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