In early 1976, Don Newton, world famous artist of the "The Phantom," and numerous other comic books ("Batman"; "Aquaman"; "Captain Marvel"; etc), created a record collector's dream discovery scene for use on our first record guide.

For more on Don Newton and "The Story Behind The Cover," click here (PDF opens in new window)

Since the summer of '76, our deleriously happy Record Collector Guy (now middle-aged) graced the cover of the 1988 "Rockin' Records," is seen on dozens of sites online, especially our pages, and has posed for t-shirts, all while still sitting on a stack of presumably valuable records.

Our first batch of Record Guy tees sold out in 1976, and since then we have been asked many times to create a new shirt. Well, here it is, featuring Don Newton's original artwork, along with a few updates of our own not the least of which is a full-color image.

Let the world know you are a record collector, a vinyl purist in a world of bits and bytes. Order your snazzy shirt, or shirts, now.

Available in five different sizes:

S (Small)
M (Medium)
L (Large)
XL (Extra Large)
XXL (Extra, Extra Large)

If in the U.S., they are only $19 each which includes all shipping (First Class Mail), handling, and any other costs to deliver your order. Click the "Add to Cart" button directly below:

IF OUTSIDE THE USA DO NOT USE THE SHOPPING CART ABOVE! Please use the "Add to Cart" button BELOW for delivery outside the U.S. and its territories. Note: rather than pay $20 just for postage on the shirt, add the shirt to any book order and there is no extra shipping charge for the shirt. It travels free with the book! To arrange this, please contact us by e-mail or phone. Do not use the shopping cart unless you want only the shirt.

The Record Collectors t-shirt is $19 + $20 ($39 total) post-paid by Priority Mail International to anywhere in the world.

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