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Over 1,600 Elvis books, magazines and major literary pieces have now been published — seemingly investigating and dissecting every imaginable Presley topic.

However, “Elvis — Word for Word” is the first book ever to accurately present and document Elvis' own thoughts and feelings ... word for word, exactly as he spoke or wrote them.

Since Elvis never authored a book, it could easily be said that this is HIS book.

“Elvis — Word for Word” provides a chronological transcription of every Presley interview, monologue and recorded phone conversation now known to exist in either audio or video format.

Featuring Elvis' words from as early as 1954 and continuing into the summer of 1977, “Elvis — Word for Word” gathers for the first time in one handy source every significant, verifiable comment, statement or response. Every subject is indexed for fast reference. Whether you want to read just what Elvis had to say about sex or sideburns, menopause or Memphis, we'll tell you exactly where to look.

In addition to his spoken words, “Elvis — Word for Word” includes the exact and complete text of some of his personally-written letters. Letters to pals, fans and girl friends. Only one of these letters had been published in any manner before.

Perhaps as important as what is in “Elvis — Word for Word” is what is not. There is no hearsay. No “Elvis told me such and such.” None. Not from anyone and that includes the author. Furthermore, each entry notes the date, location, and our source of the material.

Those with a sharp Elvis eye will notice that the full photo of Elvis that graces our cover has not been seen in print before. It's one of the greatest Elvis shots ever!

And here's another photo exclusive: The back cover features the first reproduction EVER of a full-color shot of Elvis in a May 1955 concert! You read right — May 1955 in color! We know of no other Elvis photos in color this early in his life. With “Elvis — Word for Word,” you will have this incredible shot.

All those books, and not once has Elvis really had his say. Now he does and you can read it ... word for word (ISBN 0-932117-29-5).

“Elvis — Word for Word” author, Jerry Osborne (pictured above with Elvis), is one of the most prolific Elvis author-publishers, and one of the longest-running, with over 45 years of published Elvis works to his credit (1965-present). It is nearly impossible to find an Elvis fan who does not own at least one Osborne publication.

ABC-TV relied heavily on “Elvis — Word for Word” for the Elvis segment of their 12-hour, prime time extravaganza, “The Century.”

MSNBC cable TV used “Word for Word” as its Elvis audio source for their (Nov. '99) “Headliners & Legends” Presley feature.

Great Britain's BBC chose “Elvis — Word for Word” as the basis for segments of that country's Official Elvis Documentary.

The book has also been key to IGT in the development of their Elvis slot machine, by MRC for their Elvis Pink Cadillac, by Valdawn, for an Elvis wristwatch, and countless other officially licensed E.P.E. products.

“Elvis — Word for Word,” is beautifully bound in a special hardcover edition. Order now and you will get a valuable and easily identifiable FIRST PRINTING, of which we made only 2,500 . The second and thrid printings — mass-market, bookstore editions — is noticeably different cover to cover.

SPECIAL SALE: Cover price is $45.00; however, we are now knocking $20.00 off, making the cost ONLY $25.00, plus $4.05 S/H.

Special bonus: With each book ordered from us, you will receive a special surprise that Presley fans will love. Here's a clue: it's something no home should be without.

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Click here and listen to a fascinating (Real Player) interview, as Jerry Osborne visits with Tara — discussing Elvis Presley — on the “Talk To Tara” show.


If you can own just one book about Elvis Presley, this is the one!

Very entertaining and informative reading. Well-written and laid out beautifully. It's really a great book!

Anyone interested in Elvis Presley would have to get this book! It's an exceptionally fine work with a beautiful cover and some extraordinary photos.

A most worthwhile reference volume ... an essential purchase.
—Elvis: The Man and His Music

Jerry Osborne is an impeccably reliable source that the public can trust. He has produced a tribute truly worthy of a 'King.'
—Brimfield Antique Guide

“Elvis — Word for Word,” is among the most intriguing books I have ever had the pleasure of reading. It is almost as if the reader is right there with the King through the years as he lives his life. Congratulations Jerry, on another winner!
—Wink Martindale

Pure and simple, people will learn more about Elvis Presley by reading this book than any other way I can think of.
—Ronnie McDowell

“Elvis — Word for Word” is the real deal, and reduces books that misquoted him to the level of mere impersonators.
—Michelle Troutman (Suite Book Reviewer)

For anyone interested in seeing a glimpse of the real Elvis, this is an essential book and a great addition to the growing number of important books on the subject of this cultural phenomenon.
—Jeff Stafford (Turner Classic Movies Book Club Review)

A terrific idea and a badly needed book. Bound to be one of the half-dozen most essential Elvis books ever.
—Mary Hancock Hinds (Author of “Infinite Elvis - A Bibliography”)

A Fabulous book! For years I have been telling people to ignore things they hear and read about Elvis and listen instead to what HE had to say. “Elvis — Word for Word” is an accurate source for Presley's own words. This book should also be translated for many other languages.
—Jean-Marc Gargiulo (French Fan Club President)

This is the one book that anyone interested in Elvis would consider a must. It's time for the world to see what he really said about many different things.
—D.J. Fontana (Elvis' Original Drummer)

If you know any Elvis fans and want to give them the ultimate present, then Jerry Osborne’s “Elvis — Word for Word” is as good as it gets!
— Book Review

A very novel and totally enjoyable book. Don't miss this one, a good reference book and a very classy piece that belongs in your library.
—Elvis News / Goldmine Magazine

An incredibly comprehensive collection! A personal and vivid portrait of Elvis in his own words — giving the reader a sense of what it was like to sit down and rap with the King of Rock 'n' Roll.
—Vroom Magazine

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