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Jerry Osborne


DEAR JERRY: I recently ran across someone in an Internet auction selling the early '80s, film soundtrack for “Valley Girl.” Much to my surprise, they had a minimum bid of $150. Are they nuts, or is there something about this album that makes it so much more valuable than anything else from the '80s?

Also, who are the artists on it? The only song I know from the movie is “Johnny Are You Queer?” I don't recall who sang it though.
—Joel Manasses, Paris, Tenn.

DEAR JOEL: Surprisingly, that seller is right on the mark with a $150 minimum bid for “Valley Girl” (Roadshow RS-101), a 1983 issue.

As to why it brings over 10 times as much as other albums from the same decade, a problem obtaining the rights to some of the music reportedly arose after a quantity had been manufactured and were ready to ship to retailers. Those albums never made it into distribution.

As always happens in cases like this, a few copies managed to leak out and turn up in the collectors marketplace. Once the story became known, prices skyrocketed for “Valley Girl.”

Besides “Johnny Are You Queer,” which is by Josie Cotton, this soundtrack six-track LP also includes songs by Bonnie Hayes & Wild Combo, Sparks, and the Plimsouls.

Adding to the appeal of the “Valley Girl” soundtrack is the remarkable cover shot of a young, wild-haired, Nicolas Cage, standing with cute co-star Deborah Foreman.

DEAR JERRY: As a teenager growing up in the late '60's, one of my favorite 45s was “It's Not Easy,”" by a group called the Will-O-Bees.

Have you any information on that song or this group?. I was always a bit disappointed that this song seemed to be so obscure. Can you help?
—Jerry Duke, via e-mail

DEAR JERRY: A little, perhaps, though most of my information is on the recordings rather than the group itself. The New York pop trio known as the Will-O-Bees — Janet Blossom, Steve Porter, and Robert Merchanthouse — had only one charted record, “It's Not Easy” (Date1583), issued in late 1967. Well, technically it charted, though for three weeks it languished near the bottom of the Top 100, peaking at No. 95. That is why it now seems obscure.

The Will-O-Bees had two Date singles before the release of “It's Not Easy:” (Date 1515) “Why Can't They Accept Us” and (Date 1543) “If You're Ready.”

The following year, , 1968, the threesome signed with SGC, for whom they made three singles, including the whimsically titled “The Ugliest Girl in Town” (SGC 004).

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IZ ZAT SO? Not long ago, we discussed some professional athletes blessed with musical talent and who made records. In that regard, I'd like to mention a just-issued CD titled “Big League Rocks” (EMI-Capitol 72435-22858).

On this 13-track collection is the singing and playing of: Bob Costas (Introduction); Mark Langson; Paul O'Neill; Jack McDowell; Scott Spiezio; Bernie Williams; Ernie Banks; Jose Lima; David Wells; Sandy Alomar Jr.; Tyler Green; Luis Gonzalez; and Ozzie Smith.

All are good but I especially like Paul O'Neill's “Just Like Baseball.”

A portion of the sales proceeds will go to the Major League Baseball Players Trust for Children. For more information, visit their web site:, or contact EMI Music at (818) 587-4757.

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