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DEAR JERRY: I am a collector of 78 rpms from 1957 and later, including a few from the early 1960s.

I know that 1959 is very iffy when it comes to 78s. It seems there are very few, especially ones from the bigger labels.

Can you provide a listing of all U.S. Lloyd Price 78s, after his years on Specialty? That would mean KRC and ABC/Paramount.
—Liam Crawford, Jackson, Miss.

DEAR LIAM: Here ya go. There are nine from that period, four on KRC and five on ABC/Paramount:

KRC 587 "Just Because"/"Why" (1956)
KRC 301: "Lonely Chair"/The Chicken and the Bop" (1957)
KRC 303: "Georgianna"/"Hello Little Girl" (1957)
KRC 305: "To Love and Be Loved"/"How Many Times" (1957)
   In mid-February, ABC/Paramount purchased the rights from KRC to issue "Just Because." A smart move, as it reached No. 3 on Billboard's R&B chart.
ABC/Paramount 9792: "Just Because"/"Why" (1957)
ABC/Paramount 9972: "Stagger Lee"/ "You Need Love" (1958)
ABC/Paramount 9997: "Where Were You (On Our Wedding Day)?"/"Is It Really Love" (1959)
ABC/Paramount 10018: "Personality"/"Have You Ever Had the Blues" (1959)
ABC/Paramount 10032: "I'm Gonna Get Married"/"Three Little Pigs" (1959)

DEAR JERRY: In the movie titled "Wind," from a few years ago, a song plays during the closing credits that has since been lingering on my mind. It sounded like Carly Simon, though no one knows of such a tune by her. What can you tell me about this tune?
—Angela George, Madison, Wisc.

DEAR ANGELA: This is merely a case of mistaken identity. The song you recall is "A Dream Comes Back to You," and it's by Wendy Waldman, not Carly Simon.

However, since Waldman's vocal style on this tune is similar to Carly Simon, it is easy to understand confusing the two.

Wendy Waldman did have one charted song, "Long Hot Summer Nights," a 1978 release that peaked at No. 76 on Billboard.

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