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DEAR JERRY: From the 20th century, the Golden Age of pop music, I remember some groups who had a name the same as a fabric. Some might have chosen their name based on what they were wearing at the time. Anyway, two that come to mind are the Orlons and the Velvets.

Can you name some other groups with a fabric name?
—Amy Gersdorf, Harbor City, Calif.

DEAR AMY: Directly from the Garment District, I found 26 examples of groups with textile material names. Following the group name is one of their best known recordings, and the year of its issue.

We know that several of these groups are not the only ones using that name, though the one we've listed is likely the best known:

Alpacas: "Sometimes I Love You Girl" (1958)
Calico: "Lonely Lonely Feeling" (1973)
Cashmeres: "Stairsteps to Heaven" (1959)
Chiffons: "He's So Fine" (1963)
Cords "Ain't That Love" (1969)
Corduroys: "Forever Yours" (1961)
Dungaree Dolls: "Boy of My Dreams" (1958)
Five Satins: "In the Still of the Nite" (1956)
Flannels "So Shy" (1956)
Jeans: "My Own Time" (1968)
Leather & Lace: "You Came Back in My Life" (1980)
Nylons: "Kiss Him Goodbye" (1987)
Orlons: "The Wah Watusi" (1962)
Oxford Circus: "Tracy" (1967)
Plaids: "Keeper of My Heart" (1956)
Rayons: "I'm Giving Up My Baby" (1969)
Scarlets: "Dear One" (1954)
Silk: "Freak Me" (1993)
Suedes: "Don't Be Shy" (1959)
Tabbys: "My Darling" (1959)
Tartans: "Nothing But Love" (1966)
Tweeds: "A Thing of the Past" (1968)
Velons "From the Chapel" (1964)
Velours: "I'll Never Smile Again" (1958)
Velvets: "Tonight (Could Be the Night)" (1961)
Woolies: "Who Do You Love" (1967)

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